Top 10 Things I’ve Learned From People Magazine

Who doesn’t have a guilty pleasure addiction to People magazine? Just a glance at the headlines, and you’re a better person for it. Here are my Top 10 Things I’ve Learned From People Magazine:

10. An “onlooker,” “insider,” and “gal pal” are all people with much to say. I’m not sure why famous people still hang out with these guys and tell them things. Those three bitches gossip like crazy.

9. Three weeks is plenty of time to decide to get married, and a three year engagement is also appropriate. For marriage number one or marriage number eight. Better spend a crap ton of money on that wedding, though, if you want people (and People) to take it seriously.

8. Childhood celebrities get a bad rap. The most important ingredient in the “future drug addict” cocktail is a pair of train wreck parents. I’m looking at you, Lohans and Culkins. Natalie Portman, Danica McKellar, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all worked as child actors and are productive adults. For every River Phoenix, there is a Reese Witherspoon, Ron Howard, Dakota Fanning, Shirley Temple Black, Neil Patrick Harris …

7. Celebrities have lots of houses because they need lots of closets to hold their many handbags. How they can switch bags so frequently and still not lose anything is incredible to me.

6. Pretty couples don’t always make pretty babies. Particularly when the daughters take after dad. Can you imagine how disappointing it would be to look like a supermodel and birth a daughter who looks just like the square jaw that will be your ex in a few short years?

5. There are about 468 types of mascara. They are all amazing and if purchased will make your lashes four feet long.

4. Celebrities pretty much only read non-fiction. Just ask them!

3. J Lo has the absolute worst taste in men. Except Ben Affleck, and even he was pretty douchy when they were dating.

2. If you work as a back-up dancer or celebrity bodyguard, you can bang any celebrity you want. Fish in a barrel, people.

1. Those crossword puzzles are a real ego boost.


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Amy and her husband made two kids, G (5) and L (3). She is an expert in nothing but laughing at the absurdity of parenting. You can find Amy at FunnyisFamily: My title is homemaker. So ridiculous.




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  1. This is all so true. And you know what? I like US magazine too. How else would we ever know that celebrities eat, drink coffee, shop and pump gas just. like. REAL. people? It’s kind of unfathomable really.

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    • Amy says:

      Yes! Famous people doing ordinary things is unreasonably interesting. I gave People magazine all the credit, but there are so many others that satisfy our voyeuristic needs. :)

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  2. KLZ says:

    I knew I should have been a celebrity bodyguard…

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  3. Good stuff. I gotta read People more often.

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