The Color Purple

My daughter has a passion for the color purple. If an article of clothing doesn’t have some shade of purple in it, forget about it. She shakes her little head, tendrils of curls flying around, and says, “No, mommy. I want the purple shirt … purple pants … purple socks … purple backpack … purple sneakers.”

Okay, okay. I get it. You want it because it’s pretty? No. You want it because it’s functional? No. Oh, that’s right. You want it because it’s … purple!



Now, I must admit I was always a red girl and for some reason, as I’ve gotten older my loyalties have shifted to blue and green. I don’t have a problem with purple per se. What I have a problem with? Identifying the need for an item solely based on its color.

I blame it on Barney. There, I said it. That adorable purple dinosaur who sang, danced and encouraged her to “use your imagination;” he’s the culprit in this purple kiddie caper. But I’m to blame, too. Wasn’t I the mommy who sang along with him, encouraging my daughter to bond further to me with the hypnotic words from Barney’s theme song, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family?” Did she somehow in her developing baby brain connect the color purple with the feeling of love she gets from me and her daddy?

Of course I reassure myself that it’s just a phase she’s going through–and hope that when she falls in love and ties the knot one day it won’t be in a purple dress.

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  1. Lynette says:

    I’m 41 and still love the color purple. Even dyed my hair that color over 10 years ago and still have it. I love your idea of a purple wedding dress, wish I had thought of that!

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    • Estelle says:

      Hi Lynette,
      Thanks for your comments and support of the color purple! I think I’ll hold off suggesting my daughter dye her hair purple just yet, however I will allow her free reign with her Barbies. I’m sure you know this but I believe the color purple denotes royalty; my daughter certainly fancies herself a princess.

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  2. Holly says:

    My 9 yo has always had a penchant for the color pink. It wasn’t until 1 or 2 years ago that she started allowing other colors into her wardrobe, and pink still reigns prominently. I’m happy to say that she’s adding other colors all the time and your daughter will, too.

  3. Estelle says:

    Hi Holly,
    Thanks for commenting. My daughter loves pink, too. Now she prefers purple, but will also allow pink into her wardrobe, so I guess that’s progress. Right?

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