The A-A-B-B Rule of Life

A-A-B-B. That 4-letter magic formula will get you to some smart places in life, as good as the A-B-C rule, “Always Be Closing.”

A-A-B-B is Avoid, Acceptable, Borrow, or Buy. And we’re not just talking the material world. You can apply A-A-B-B to all areas of your life; people, things, events, situations.

You can A-A-B-B when you meet a new person and are deciding whether or not to take them on into your fold, or when you find yourself wondering “should I say something or should I not?”

For example, you’re at a restaurant and just finished a great meal, but are still feeling a tad hungry. When you pick up the dessert menu, before ordering the New York Turtle Cheesecake for yourself, A-A-B-B it. Avoid it? Nice idea if you want to finally toss out the holey sweatpants. Acceptable? Yeah, sure, the cheesecake is acceptable if the size of your ass is acceptable to you. Borrow it? WHY YES. Have your dining partner order it and you borrow a few forkfuls off their plate. Food that’s not your own is calorie free. Buy it? What the hey, go ahead, it’s the holidays, treat yourself to your own slice.

Let’s say you’ve got a nasty neighbor across the street (more common than you know)—what to do about her annoying habit of leaf blowing all your leaves back to your driveway and out of hers?

You can Avoid her and just watch from the upstairs window, shaking your head and tsking away. Maybe you’ll decide to  Accept this behavior, who cares, right? Blow away, sister. Perhaps you’ll Borrow a leaf blower and blow the leaves right back again as soon as she’s through. Passive aggressive feels good for a reason. Or will you BUY? Buy your own leaf blower and stand guard with it across your lap up in a deer tree stand you’ve built just for the leaf blowing watch occasion.

You can’t beat A-A-B-Bing your way through life.

Let’s try it–morning yoga class starts in 20 minutes. You can A-Avoid that downward dog today and stay in child’s pose in front of your lap top all morning, or A-Accept that you have reached that stage in life where if you don’t do something with your body every day you’ll be pulling your ass up with clothespins. And maybe you’ll move on to B-Borrow that yoga mat and show up at the studio.

I’m pulling that final letter B-Buy today with my yoga class. I will buy Beach Side Yoga with Rodney Yee Volume 1, and I’ll pop it in the DVD player and sit and watch, because we all know that yoga works through being fully present in the viewing experience, and also osmosis.

A-A-B-B. Pass the buttered popcorn, and look at this will ya? How in Sam Hill does Rodney spatula himself into a Speedo that small?

Photo Credit: Proxy Indian via photopin cc

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Alexandra is a writer who has found the secret to getting rich as a blogger that she'll share with you for just $9.99. When not taking her checks to the bank, Alexandra blogs at Good Day Regular People about life as an overanalyzing mother of three boys trying to go unnoticed in her small town. The most important things you need to know about her are that the internet saves her daily and that she believes the most you can ask for in life is to arrive at the end of it all with your hair messed up, out of breath, and not throwing up. Alexandra is a contributing writer for TikiTikiblog and FunnynotSlutty.


  1. Hillary says:

    I used the a-a-b-b rule for the holidays this year. I a. avoided responsibility, like wrapping gifts; a. accepted sending out gifts to relatives after Christmas and, by so doing, missed the post office mayhem; b. borrowed a friend’s house for a cookie exchange and neighborhood Santa for my kids’ keepsake photos; and b. will now buy myself 60% clearance decorations at the hardware store for next Christmas. Phew!

  2. Alison says:

    I avoid going to bed because I accept that I am blogging on borrowed time (borrowed from my sleeping time). So I buy extra time by hiring a weekly cleaning crew. A A B B works for me!

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  3. Ms. A says:

    I’m trying to imagine clothespins being strong enough to hold up my ass.

    Happy 2013!

    • Alexandra says:

      Waaay too easy for me to do.

      THAT’s how badly I need to get back into donkey kicks and Jillian’s 30 day shred.

      Thank you, Ms A, for a lovely year of nature photography extraordinaire.

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  4. brian miller says:

    i accept i dont look good in a speedo
    so i avoid them
    would certainly never borrow one
    but i will buy a vowel

  5. Lady Jennie says:

    Hmm that sounds much better than charging my way through life in a panicked whir of anxiety. AABB.

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  6. Lovelyn says:

    I’m quite sure that Rodney Yee DVDs are only meant for watching with a sense of wonder. I spend the whole time wondering if you have to be practically naked to do yoga and if the man has any actual clothes.

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    • Alexandra says:

      Oh, tell me you like to hear more about him?? I just googled him after I found his niceneasy stretch on the beach videos and HOLY COW but for all that “put your good energy out in the world” vibes, he was caught in an affair!!

      I guess those itty bitty black butt floss speedos were just too hard for someone to resist. So happy to see you, Lovelyn! Thanks for stopping by.

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  7. We are now going to apply this rule to everything. It really works, we can already see the results, although we may get stuck on Avoid and just avoid remembering to AABB, but at least it’s a start. Happy New Year!!

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    • Alexandra says:

      Oh, you two. I LOVE YOU TWO. Your review on Les Mis cracked me up. And so did your first commenter. You have the most unique website out there, so happy I found you.

      Here’s to BIG THINGS for you both, in 2013. xo

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  8. I go straight for the Oreos when *ahem* previewing exercise videos.

    Have you seen Rodney in the Prana Sleep mattress commercials? He’s half nekkid in bed in those ads. No wonder the ladies found him irresistible!

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  9. KLZ says:

    I have found that I’m in the stage where I need to accept that I need to move my body every day if I want to keep using it.

    I’m accepting this over a piece of cheesecake which is either the problem or the solution.

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  10. I’m so ashamed. I once went to a Rodney Yee yoga class with my best friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in years. We talked/giggled/cracked up through the entire class while he glared at us (and deservedly so.) I had no idea he was a big deal, just thought he was a limber dude interrupting my conversational flow.
    And that’s what I will A-Avoid Yoga for the rest of my life.

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  11. Maggie S. says:

    I can’t sit still for yoga. All the stillness and peace is abrasive.

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    • Alexandra says:

      I can’t take the way they sneak up on you after they tell you to close your eyes and relalx and shhhhhhhhhhhhh then all of a sudden they’re touching you out of the clear blue.

      Yeah, me no likee.


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  12. MommyTime says:

    I’m with Maggie on this one. I’m more of a Pilates girl myself. But I like the idea of Avoiding the things that make me cranky and Accepting the things I can’t Avoid. It’s a start, right?

  13. Cecilia says:

    This is so clever…I have never thought of my actions in this way…I think I am a lot of Avoiding, and Buying!! That needs to change!!

    And Rodney Yee — yes, I heard the same thing. It bothers me to see him in those thongs anyway.

    Hope you are having a great new year so far, Alexandra!

  14. When I got to the Borrow part of your cheesecake example, I had to laugh. Does it count if you’re pushing someone else into a bad decision in your stead?

    But this process reminded me of something I teach people about anger – where you evaluate whether something is worth getting mad about and then whether a response would make things better or worse. And it works for non-anger situations, too. Almost always, it pays to observe before you do anything. Not that I come close to following that rule for myself all the time!

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