MU Teen: Turning 16 – Not as Different as You Think

Last month, I finally turned sixteen! This had been the birthday that I was waiting all my life for, and then it had finally arrived! I remember when I was younger thinking that I would be able to do so much when I was 16. Drive, get a car, find a job, and all the super cool adult things in life. Now that I’m here though, ‘life’ seems pretty much the same as always.

I have yet to get my permit, let alone a license, so driving is definitely out of the equation. If I can’t drive, there’s not much I can do with a car, so let’s just subtract that now. What about the job? Oh, sure I can get one of those, but there’s so much competition at the moment that who knows if the search will work out?

Yup, “adult” life is definitely turning out to be bucket loads of fun.

When I turned sixteen, I thought I would be having so much fun with extra money in my pocket and a car to drive around in, but sometimes life just deals you a different hand. In fact, most of the time, things don’t turn out how you would have liked them to at all. That’s the point where you have to just give up on Plan A and start working with Plan B. It may seem tough, but as long as you keep on working towards bettering yourself — even if it means changing how you wanted to do it — it will all work out in the end.
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Dizzy is just another 16-year-old girl with a niche for writing. Not only does she love writing, but she also loves to talk to friends, play the Xbox, or listen to music. When Dizzy isn’t found in her natural habitat (or in other words her room), this girl is either found at school or out and about with her family. She lols at the concept of a social life and can be seen quite often re-blogging cool pictures on her tumblr.



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  1. Baby, I am so sorry daddy lost his job the month before your birthday, and we had to cancel the big sweet 16 party. I am also sorry that we lost our car as well and I can’t take you to get your permit. I can’t help with the job thing though, because the job market is awful right now, especially when you have ladies my age fighting with you for the cashier’s job at Dairy Queen. All I can say is that I love you & Daddy loves you sooooo much and we’ll make this right for you, just give us some time, ok sweetie? I love you!

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    • As a parent in tough times AND as a former 16-year-old whose mom was in tough times, my heart goes out to both of you.

      The “adult life” you’re looking for will come soon, Dizzy. For now, trust me –relish in being a kid just a little longer, because that also means you don’t have bills or takes to look forward to. :o)

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  2. Ridx says:

    so true. sometimes you have to work with PLAN B.

    That’s life. :)

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