MU Teen: Enough is Too Much

Have you ever been in one of those relationships that everyone envies? The one where you hold hands down every hallway and hug during every goodbye while everyone else is staring at you? Most people like those picture perfect relationships; most people strive for them, but reality check–that isn’t reality. Relationships have their times where they seem absolutely perfect, and if that’s your relationship all the time, props to you.

Let’s face some of the facts, though–we all also know that girl, the one who’s in the relationship in which no one would want to be. The girl who is controlled…practically brainwashed, and the girl that always goes back to him. It can be hard to leave someone (because we’ve all been through a break up), but sometimes we need to know when enough is enough. When we’ve gone back to that person one to many times.

When all the fighting seems like it’s worth it and when it seems like it’s going to be okay, that’s when it’s easy to be blinded by something that you think is love. It’s hard for us ever to let go, even if our relationship is constantly yelling. We need to learn to let go of the things that are hurting us, no matter how hard it is. We need to learn to be honest with ourselves all the time. When you find yourself crying because of all the yelling, you need to let go. When you feel controlled, you need to let go. In the long run all of the fighting isn’t worth it, and in the grand scheme of things this one relationship won’t matter. Because once you do find the right person, it will all feel worth it.

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16-year-old Daze likes to hang out with her friends on the weekend, and on the weekdays she tries to focus on work and school. She can’t wait to go to college and really wants to move to Portland. She plays golf and participates in debate. Daze also does volunteer work. She does all her deep thinking through writing; something about writing it all down gives her peace of mind.


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  1. Ridx says:

    You have portrayed the picture of a lot of girls in a very simple, beautiful way.

    Every relationship is not a fairy-tale. In fact, I believe its very rare.

    But the important thing is when you that person can’t make you happy and you are suffering, either physically or mentally, YOU NEED TO LET GO.

    yes its goin to be hard. But its goin to be harder to live with a person who practically sucks the happiness out of you. and hardest to back off after any official commitment.


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