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I like to move furniture.

My husband would come home to completely different setup from the one he’d left that morning. I loved trying new ways that looked better and ways to make the most out of the space we had. This was before Ikea brought it’s meatballs and allen wrenches into my world.

Since my disabilities and wheelchair happened, I can no longer move couches and end tables. BUT! I have this great space where I can still try out new things and tweak things.

Where else can I get Andy aka BetaDad to be my personal end table?

In the following days expect to see vlogs from Robin Plemmons, hear a new podcast from Faiqa Khan, musical surprises, contests, giveaways and reviews.

Yeah, we’re trying some new things. They’re going to be awesome. They’ll make you snort in laughter and give you new ways to get to know the writers.

I can’t wait to give the couches a shove with you.

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  1. Megan says:

    I love to move furniture!

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  2. Maddie says:

    ohhhhhh I am excited!!

  3. Sounds good! Looking forward to the musical surprises!

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