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As I was staring at my laptop, with a really bad case of writer’s block, my husband sat next to me and started to watch A Football Life: Tom Coughlin. Although I like the Giants (Eli Manning happens to be my NFL boyfriend) I wasn’t really interested in watching it. After about ten minutes of half listening to the TV and not being productive at all with writing, I decided to just watch it with him.

Guys, I’m happy to report that it was really good. Quite inspiring actually. There were lots of words of wisdom and life lessons sprinkled throughout the episode that I totally agreed with.

Always be on Time
Coughlin (current head coach of the New York Football Giants) always has his watch set five minutes ahead. He’s a real stickler for punctuality and expects his team to be on time as well. I quite admire that. Although I live in Hawaii and being on time is something a lot of people are pretty lax about, I personally hate being late for anything.

You Don’t Have to be Serious All the Time
Most see Coughlin as being a pretty tough and often angry guy. But he does have a lighter side. He can joke around with his family, team, and even the media. Do you remember that Staples commercial with the easy button? Well, he has a button in his office that looks like that except it says the word NO when you hit it. He gets a kick out of continually pressing it. Think I need to get me one of those.

Learn to Delegate
In an effort to help his newer players connect with the rest of the team, Coughlin created a leadership council of veteran players. They act kind of like peer mentors. It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk to his players. He felt that it would be less intimidating and easier for them to talk to their peers instead of someone in a position of authority.

Family is Important
Coughlin can’t stress enough the importance of family. And he doesn’t just mean the one you go home to. When you’re part of a football team, they become your family. You work together as a family. You play together as a family. And when you win, it’s not just you. It’s your whole family.

Although Tom Coughlin often uses the words of others to encourage and inspire his team, one of his own quotes really struck me. It’s one that is posted in the Giants locker room.

Confident enough to perform. Humble enough to prepare.

I highly urge you to watch A Football Life: Tom Coughlin. You just might learn something.

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