I Only Wear Black Shoes

I think our preferences reveal more about us than our actions. I only wear black shoes, but I don’t like things around me to match. Not towels, furniture, dinnerware… nothing. My homes have always been eclectic minefields where memories, tradition and unique contemporary designs try to harmonize.

In my early years of dinner parties and socializing, I found the commitment to eclectic troublesome as arguments would bring inebriated bliss to a knuckling halt. In my mind, differences can co-exist. In reality; not always. But am I the only one who finds constant agreement a bore? If I wanted to only be with myself, I would. But contrast and contradiction create a more intricate and interesting story. I think of the old films of Nazi soldiers walking in lock step. Their model is used in many large organizations that discourage individualism and unique thought. It is easier to control the non-thinking mind that seeks only to conform, than to dominate the creative mind that strives to re-invent and re-define itself according to a unique palette.

So as a person who finds conformity stifling, the black-shoes-only rule would seem an irony. But within the shadows of a liberal, lives a conservative, and vice versa. And for inner hate, there is a love. Every like a dislike, and so on. I embrace my inner complexities (or contradictions), realizing they are not unique. We are all one embellished contradiction. So we are all black shoes on the outside, housing a colorful pump or wingtip that only shows if we are brave enough to fight sameness.


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Myra Jolivet is a Silicon Valley public relations executive and author of the recently released e-book mystery, Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper, available on Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, Booklocker.com and iTunes. Her blog is http://myrawritesback.blogspot.com


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  1. MamaKaren says:

    Perhaps black shoes can be viewed as your push against the idea that women need to have a spectrum of shoe colors to match every outfit. Your conservative shoes are your rebellion against…whatever.

    Or maybe it’s just easier to shop for shoes when you already know that you’re going to get the black ones.

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