A “Real” Holiday Letter

Happy Holidays!

I hope this letter finds you well. At least I hope it finds you better than us. It’s been an interesting year, so let me see if I can catch you up without talking about poop, my aunt Linda or the non-essential happenings.

You might have heard from now that we’re in the middle of a divorce. I guess it’s true, love does find you eventually. Sometimes it finds you at 2 am through Facebook messages and cryptic Tweets, but it really is true love, I just know it.

Jimmy got expelled. He wrote something inappropriate on a bathroom wall… in the teacher’s lounge. I know that sounds horrible, but not one teacher pointed out that all of his grammar and punctuation was correct.

Susie is on her third driving test. Honestly, at this point, would you want to give her your car to drive? I’m hoping she flunks it again.

Let’s see, what else? The dog died. It was really time because I had been stepping in dog pee every morning before even drinking my morning coffee. My iPhone fell in the toilet and I had to resort to using a phone that is three years old. Tragic! I lost my wallet and $400 in cash including my lottery tickets which I am fairly certain were winners in the recent Powerball. I ended up in the ER for accidently spraying hot flash spray in my eyes. Did you know peppermint oil is really bad for eyes? I did travel with the kids but the car broke down, we started a brush fire on the side of the road and we never made it to our destination. Oh well. Keep in touch!

Happy New Year!

Here’s a video of animals singing Jingle Bells! I searched for a staggering 3 minutes to find it to share with you. Enjoy!

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Laughing at raising your two kids with special needs is frowned upon in certain circles, you know? Like Grandma and Grandpa find it especially annoying. Blogging since 2005 at Kidneys and Eyes and co-founder of a social networking site, Support for Special Needs, she stays pretty busy working in her business with her husband (yeah, they're crazy) and insurance receipts. A night owl, Diet Coke lover, and vintage photo collector she hopes to raise advocates and activists.


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    For a minute I thought you were talking about YOUR family and I’m like “She has a kid old enough to drive???”

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