MU Teen: Making Smart Decisions about Drinking

As you may or may not know, turning 18 in Australia is a bit of a big thing. Everything becomes legal when you turn 18–including drinking.

A few weeks ago, I turned 18. The day before my birthday I was driving my younger stepsister into work. We sat in mutual silence listening to the radio when suddenly she turned to me and said “Well, are you excited about turning 18?”

I thought about her question for merely a moment before replying, “No, not really. I mean, there’s nothing that I can do ‘legally’ that I really want to do anyway.”

Over the years, I’ve seen many instances in which alcohol has ruined a perfectly good evening. Suffice it to say, I have no interest in it whatsoever, and I’m sure it wouldn’t like the looks of me, either.

The look on her face–or rather, how I imagined it to be based on the tone of her next comment–shocked me.

“What do you mean?! Ugh, you’re a terrible 18-year-old! You should be 16, and I’ll be 18 instead!”

It occurred to me then, with a sinking sense of sadness, that the large majority of newly 18-year-olds in this country seem to think that upon turning 18, you must use your newfound powers to go out and get drunk. Being legally allowed to buy alcohol is a privilege, and like every other privilege handed to us on a silver platter, it gets abused, as do the bodies of those who abuse it.

It depresses me to think that people–like my stepsister–seem to have this idea that if you don’t get ‘trashed’ the minute you turn 18, then there is something wrong with you. Her statement that she should be 18 rather than I simply because I had no intention of drinking myself into a stupor and not being able to remember my birthday at all made me question the future of our generation.

But then I remembered that there will always be the people out there (like myself, of course) who have class and decorum… and will celebrate their 18th birthdays by holding costumed tea parties. It is those people who will truly make a difference in the world.

Never forget – what is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular.

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  1. Ridx says:

    woah. what a beautiful concept. :D


    i recently celebrated my 18th birthday and it was all about cake, ice creams and stuff like that. Now that I am legal to drink and all, i just don’t want to. :D

    and obviously there are people like you – im one of them so Cheers. :)

    But the world is filled with people like your stepsister. and thats a really sad thing.

    Loved the last line. :)

  2. Basket says:

    Yay, fellow sensible teenager!

    Mmm, cake and ice cream… where was my invite? :P Hehe

    Hopefully one day the world will drop one huge, simultaneous reality check on those people :P

    I love the last line too – it’s one of my favourite quotes/philosophies, and it’s so true!

    Thank you for reading! :D

    • Ridx says:

      Im definitely inviting you on my next birthday :D

      im keeping my fingers crossed for that. :D

      and i loved reading it. My Pleasure <3

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