Let’s Just Be Friends, Mmmkay?

From the buzz I’ve been hearing, people have some fairly cut and dry opinions of Taylor Swift’s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” It’s either a song people love, a song people love to hate, or a song people hate to love. I am one who happens to love the song. No matter what your personal opinion is, you can’t deny that however cheerfully, Taylor gives the serious low down on one of the most important “love” lessons to learn: not all good friends make for good boyfriends (or girlfriends).

Compatibility comes in many forms. Sometimes the gears connect in such a way that you turn out to be the kind of friends who can laugh with each other all day long. You think to yourself, “Surely this means we’ll be awesome as a couple!” So you try it out. Once the newness of it wears off, you might soon discover that your “relationship gears” don’t turn in quite the same way. No matter how hard you might try to twist and turn your personalities to make them fit the other person’s, you just can’t get your couple-chemistry to work  with the same pizzazz as your we’re-just-friends chemistry.

Break-ups usually suck. There’s no doubt about that. There are a zillion break-up songs out there, but I like this one because it also delivers the message that you don’t necessarily have to have an “all or nothing” relationship with your exes. Sometimes it’s better to just accept that you’re not meant to be a couple. Cut those significant other ties, and then hold on to the friendship gears if those are salvageable.

One of my best friends today is an ex-boyfriend from high school. If I’d thrown away the friendship with the boyfriend/girlfriend status, I would have been without one of the most meaningful relationships present in my life today.

Never ever ever getting back together with someone doesn’t also mean that you can’t be friends with him or her, either.


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