7 Tips for Post Blog Conference Survival

JC Little, aka @littleanimation, and we’re snuggling. Right in front of her husband, @thehuzofjc!

Now that it’s been a few weeks since the infamous Aiming Low Noncon, it’s time to talk about how I’ve survived. I mean, seriously. I’ve had to live without The People of Noncon (yes, that’s a new Nation), and it has been… difficult.

I’ve had to get up and do stuff. Stuff other than looking and being charming. Stuff for my family, for work, and for regular maintenance of house and home. I’ve had to make my own food and take it to the table where I eat. Make my own bed! I’ve had to put away my phone and close my computer while talking to people. It’s been horrible.

Here’s how you can survive returning home after a blog conference…

  1. Hopefully you got cell phone numbers and are sending them pictures or texts all day long.
  2. Have a least a day buffer before you have to be responsible for anything remotely important so you can sit around on the couch all day and stalk watch your friends on Twitter and Facebook and read their blogs.
  3. Take all the pictures of them from the conference and put them on a slide show on your desktop. Let it distract you from work, or laundry, or anything else that isn’t as important as seeing their faces.
  4. Check the conference hashtag seven thousand times every single day until you see them again. #noncon
  5. Hopefully you got random videos from the conference and you can replay them over and over for your family. It does not matter that they have no clue what you are doing at a Super Hero Costume Party. Be amused by your family’s confusion as they watch.

    The awesome Jana Anthoine (@jana0926), who lives like 7.2 miles away. Yes, we’re dressed up as Super Heros. I can’t tell you why. Come to a non/conference.

  6. Set up Google+ Hangouts at least every other day with one or more of your conference “in the computer” friends.
  7. And for the love of all things social media, if you live in the same town as some of your conference friends, be social and make plans to see them in the flesh.Around week four post-conference, you should be feeling better about being away from them. By then you should have your regular life legs on again. It’s okay if you don’t though because leaving a blogging conference (or non-conference, as the case may be) is hard, hard work. It’s like coming back to the real world isn’t really fair. Like I said, horrible.

So be kind to yourself until it’s time for the next one.

About Julia Roberts

Laughing at raising your two kids with special needs is frowned upon in certain circles, you know? Like Grandma and Grandpa find it especially annoying. Blogging since 2005 at Kidneys and Eyes and co-founder of a social networking site, Support for Special Needs, she stays pretty busy working in her business with her husband (yeah, they're crazy) and insurance receipts. A night owl, Diet Coke lover, and vintage photo collector she hopes to raise advocates and activists.


  1. Alexandra says:

    Right? I had such a wonderful time, the days flew by, and I can’t wait for the next one.

    ANissa, you really did something special. A genuine feeling of community and caring.

    It all starts from the top.

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  2. I’m suffering withdrawal; I’m feeding my NonCon habit on Facebook. Can’t wait for the next one.

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  3. Woohoo! I made your post :) Also, WE HAVE NO FUCKING EXCUSE NOT TO SEE EACH OTHER! I need a date with you. And every other NonConner.

    Twitter Name:

  4. Amiyrah says:

    Loved this. I’ve been in a NonCon Malaise for weeks. Thank goodness for twitter and Facebook, or i’d be inconsolable. I can’t wait to see everyone again next year!

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  5. Anne says:

    I want to keep JC in my pocket to cheer me up when I’m down.

    I hear the next NonCon is at Anissa’s house. Dibs on the pull-out couch!

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