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In this fast-paced world, it is so hard to find rest. We want to keep on going and moving. We have so many things on our list that we need to get accomplished every day. We want to try and squeeze things into our day and we stay up late slaving over homework, cleaning our house, or talking with those that matter the most to us. Sometimes at the end of the day, we sit down and realize that we haven’t sat down all day. We haven’t taken the time to rest and be still. Silence is very hard in this culture, too, with all of the noise that is around us, music, advertisements, and conversation. We have become accustomed to living with noise.

It is important to take days of rest and relaxation. I don’t mean that you need to take multiple days to rest, but just have moments in your day where you are just sitting. Put away the iPhone, iPod, and chores, and just rest. It is healthy for our bodies to have a time of rest even when we are not sleeping. A lot of people think that rest is just sleep, but rest goes beyond that and should be taken daily. Even if it is for only a few minutes, it can renew our energy and focus for the day.

In the Bible when the Lord created the heavens and the earth, He took a seventh day to simply rest and just be. In the same way, we are supposed to take a day of rest on Sundays during the week. I personally try not to do much on Sundays except go to church and do things that absolutely need to be done. I like to reserve that day to relax and spend some time with God.

I challenge you to take a few moments or minutes and just rest. Take deep breaths, sit, and look out the window. Take in the beauty and be thankful for this life and for each new day that comes our way.

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Jessica is a 20-year-old college student who enjoys writing and learning about the world around her. Jessica has a passion for others and loves to serve. She can be found writing her thoughts about life, faith, and college on her blog at My Beautiful Life. In addition, She loves to shorten her thoughts for tweets to use on Twitter.




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