Breast Pumps Instead of Fist Pumps

I remember exactly where I was when I heard Princess Diana had been killed and when Kurt Cobain had been found dead. Snooki having her baby?

Yes, I will always remember this moment.

Along the way there have been hiccups, like Snooki walking with an empty stroller filled with beer and the whole tweet heard round the twitterverse that maids change diapers, not Snooki.

She assures us, seriously, that she NEVER tweeted such a thing.

Okay, Snook, and I don’t slather deodorant on my thighs every now and again to calm the chub rub fire. My thighs don’t even touch! 


But rest assured, Snooki has this motherhood thing on lockdown. She’s ditched the fist pump for the breast pump, which she most definitely did tweet:

Now who can’t get behind that message? The possibilities for the Breast Pump Insteada Fist Pump campaign are endless: the obstetrician’s office, WIC offices, BabyCenter and to really drive the point home: above the toilet in bars across the U. S. of A.

I know Snooki is not a fall down drunk all the time-sure, some of the time-but who isn’t? It doesn’t mean we can’t be fabulous mothers.

Of course we can! I’m kinda drunk right now.

And three seconds ago my maid held my hair back.

Worth every penny.

The birth of little Lorenzo, which I have to confess makes me think of thick slices of pizza the size of my head, may or may not be televised. A production crew WAS in the delievery room. But only filming Snooki “above the shoulders”

As if we all haven’t seen that va-jay before.

How cute it is when producers are coy?

The cast of Jersey Shore sent out congratulations to the new parents as did those coy producers: “We couldn’t be happier for Nicole and Jionni on the healthy delivery of their baby boy! We look forward to Lorenzo’s first trip to the Jersey Shore and can’t wait to see his first animal print onesie.”

I , for one, can’t wait for the next season of Drag Race: Babies.

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  1. Maggie S. says:

    Shocking, isn’t it, that we have to be informed at all? May God deliver me from the fate of having my children rise to fame for any of the reasons Snooki is famous.

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