Best Field Trip Ever: The Exorcist Steps

This has been a long summer for my kids. We are remodeling our house and as of right now we have neither a kitchen nor interior walls. What we have tried to do to make it easier for the children is spending as much time away from home as possible. This has not only allowed us to see old friends but also to eat food from places other than McDonald’s and spend at least most of our summer in climate controlled buildings.

Ugh. I forget how hot D.C. gets in the summer.

Side note: The benefit of not having AC is that I just got my electric bill for July and it was $62. Apparently $62 is how much it costs to run four fans all day every day for a month.

But I digress, we are staying with some family that lives in our area this week and I found myself within walking distance of Georgetown and a Washington D.C. monument that is on my life list.


…and my neighbor wanted to go to a water park!

You know what I’m talking about. That huge-ass staircase that Father Damian throws himself down to try to cast off his literal demon? Yes! That one. It is super close to where we’re living this week. So I told my children we were going to go eat lunch in Georgetown, then I waited until we were walking across the Key Bridge to tell them about the side trip.

“Let’s go see the Exorcist Steps!” I said.

My daughter, who takes after me, said “What is it with you and the exorwhatever steps?”

“They are in a very famous movie.” I said.

“Can we see the movie?” my son asked.

“It is a really scary movie.” I said. “It isn’t appropriate for children.”

“Then why are we going there?”

“The steps aren’t inappropriate. The movie is scary and not for kids.”

We walked along for a bit. Then they wanted more information on the movie. What was the movie about? How did she get a demon inside of her? Is Ouija a real game? Why is it dangerous when you play Ouija alone? What did the demon look like? Did it get in through her mouth? What is this movie rated? Is there a rating worse than an “R”? Could they watch the movie when they turned 17?

I just wanted to go see the stairs and take some pictures. So I answered all of these questions: Demonic possession. Playing Ouija by herself. Yes. I don’t know, maybe it invokes the spirits, it has been a long time since I have seen the movie. I have no idea. R. Yes, NC-17 and X and XXX. Yes.

And we arrived. And it was glorious.

They were everything I thought that they would be.

Maybe I will send out Christmas cards this year after all.

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  1. neal says:

    I used to run up and down those steps on the way to running along the canal. Pretty good workout.

    There was also a place down there where the students used to buy their kegs. It was funny enough to see some of them trying to carry them up the stairs. But especially funny when they were already drunk. You’d see ‘em stopping for a break every ten steps.

  2. Megan says:

    Awesome field trip.

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  3. daniel says:

    I love that brief moment when there is a consideration that steps may be inappropriate.

  4. BetaDad says:

    Many are the Mickey’s Big Mouths from Dixie Liquor that I drank on those stairs in the mid 80s. Fuck I’m old.

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