#NonCon Update! New RoundTable Leaders & Defining Non-Tables

We’re adding Roundtable Leaders to the already outstanding schedule we have:

Tracy Beckerman is going to join us at our Building Communities Roundtable.

Tracy Beckerman writes the humor column and blog, LOST IN SUBURBIA®, which is syndicated to over 400 newspapers and on 250 related websites to about 10 million readers. She is the author of the book, Rebel without a Minivan, and her next book, Momoir, will be published in early 2013. Tracy has appeared on “The Today Show”, “The CBS Early Show,” “Better TV,” “LX NY,” and “CBS Sunday Morning” and does stand-up comedy about how to be a cool mom in the suburbs. Yes, she knows that is an oxymoron. She has won a Writer’s Guild of America Award and a New York EMMY® for her writing. She’s a past recipient of the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers Award and a National Society of Newspaper Columnists award. Tracy was also selected as America’s Top Blogger by The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television.  She speaks frequently at conferences about nothing in particular.

Bring your grown-up panties to hear Jeremy Pepper talk about how Boundaries Aren’t A 4-Letter Word.

Called “ahead of your time” and “visionary” by the industry, Jeremy Pepper has more than 15 years experience in public relations, in both traditional and social media. Pepper incorporates online tactics to traditional strategies. Pepper has worked with a who’s who of Fortune 500 companies, ranging from consumer tech to consumer packaged goods to high tech, providing integrated communications counsel to such companies as Kodak, Clorox, Cisco, GM, HP, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Campbell’s Soup, amongst others.Currently, Pepper works with a variety of clients on B2B to B2C PR and social media campaigns. Prior to consulting, Pepper managed global PR for Boingo Wireless, responsible for traditional PR and social media relations, inlcuding launching its social media efforts, and working on reputation management, community relations and crisis communications.Pepper also worked at one of the world’s largest public relations firms, advising clients on social media strategies and tactics, and helping launch social media programs and initiatives around the world. Previously, Pepper had founded his own public relations firm, working with clients on melding social media and public relations, as well as working in-house for a photo startup acquired by Kodak. Pepper began his PR blog more than 8 years ago, expanding to food blogging in 2009. He continues to be an early adopter of social media, understanding how it works in the real-world.

While you’re surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Callaway Gardens, Laurie White is going to lead you on a DSLR photowalk. Beautiful photo opportunities and a photography maestro who brings skill and unimaginable fun!

Laurie White won an envelope of $2 bills in the 2nd grade for writing a poem about football. She knew nothing about football, and has been chasing that unfounded media fame rainbow ever since. A blogger since 2005, she is a contributing editor for BlogHer.com, and a photographer and social media strategist for events like Mom 2.0 Summit and BlogHer conferences. A Maryland native, she loves food, music, the internet, and being mildly disruptive on a regular basis. Find her at LaurieMedia (http://www.lauriemedia.com) and on Twitter way too often @lauriewrites.

We’re also proud to announce Neil Kramer’s Camerphone Photowalk .  Neil will be teaching attendees how to make your everyday moments into memorable photos.

Neil Kramer has been writing online since 2005 on his blog, Citizen of the Month.  He is also the impresario of the annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert each December. A love of reading and writing who always hated the cliche “a picture says a thousand words,” his life was transformed when he fell in love with Instagram.

Defining a “Non-Table”

If the scheduled roundtables are all full you might think that you have nowhere to be.

Actually, you do.

Instead of letting you wander the woods, lost and alone (we saw Blair Witch Project too), Aiming Low is offering you the less creepy alternative of the Non-Table. Even if you don’t have a Roundtable to attend, we’re always going to give you the option of having somewhere to be. While there is much to learn and share with your fellow writers and bloggers at the Roundtables, don’t discount the importance of conversations in the Non-Table setting. Here’s a quick rundown of the Non-Table definition:

  • For ever Roundtable scheduled, there is one Non-Table scheduled
  • Roundtable leaders who aren’t scheduled during that time will lead Non-Tables
  • Non-Tables will run concurrently to the scheduled roundtable, but attendees are welcome to come or go at any time

We’re very excited to bring you Ree Drummond to give the Closing Keynote at the NonCon!

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