How To Tell If Your Child is Possessed

Every parent at some time or another has wondered, “Is my child possessed by the devil or some other evil spirit?” Those times when your normally well behaved son or daughter does something that reminds you of scenes from The Exorcist. When your sweet little baby decides to start biting her big brother for no good reason and then moves on to pushing, stealing toys, and screaming at the top of her lungs when you put her down in front of her toys, what else are you supposed to think? Obviously some evil spirit has temporarily inhabited your child and is causing them to behave in otherwise unfathomable ways.

Demon possession provides the most reasonable explanation for the untimely tantrums in the grocery store line. You’ve managed to keep them relatively under control for most of your shopping trip. Then you get into line to pay for your food and BAM! Instant meltdown. What else could it be if not tiny invisible evil spirits hanging out by the grocery check out clerks, just waiting for small children to ‘play’ with.

This also explains why your child can go from playing happily at the playground, to screaming bloody murder when someone else gets on the swing they’ve just vacated.

My children are not immune to being possessed from time to time. Obviously, they are usually little saintly darlings who would never ever behave inappropriately under any circumstances, and naturally, I am an excellent parent. Which is why I know that it is the devil’s fault when they misbehave.

Here are some useful signs that your child is or has been possessed:

  • They freak out for no apparent reason;
  • unusually violent behavior;
  • screaming profanities (sometimes in other languages);
  • throwing food or toys that they would normally eat and/or play with;
  • levitating;
  • head spinning.

Please note that this is not a complete list of signs of possession. If your child becomes possessed for longer periods of time or is completely unmanageable, you may wish to consult with a local religious organization for possible steps to protecting your child from possession.

I would like to suggest the following methods for coping with periodic demon possession in children. First and foremost, when your child is possessed, give them whatever they want to calm the angry demon inside. I repeat, WHATEVER THEY WANT. Secondly, go home and have a drink, preferably alcoholic.

Remember, your child’s behaviour while they are possessed does not reflect on your parenting skills in any way. It is all the devil’s fault!

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Robin is the parent of two lovely (most of the time) children. She works full time out of the home and doesn’t cook well, bake, sew, or do crafty things. She keeps her high heels and jewelry at her office because there’s no point in having them at home. She loves Mondays because she can return to the world of adults, go to the bathroom alone, and have nearly uninterrupted conversations with others. You can find her (and her possessed children) at Dirty Rotten Parenting.

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  1. Misty says:

    I am a mother of a 6 year old son of mine I truely love ,and so show him unconditional love on a daily basic, so I have notice I have the,worse noments when he present to in and out behavior from good to showing evil behavioral over and over ,but all to back in the past of him growing me and gus father separated and so he gets deported to his country buy in recalls of one letter stated if so send me a pic of my son so happily I did with not thinking of ot thought of him maybe being this kind of person,so turns out never a letter again, so I took him to physcatrist and so diagnosted him with adhd odd and med him but not participateing not involved but hides and distance himself the off begaviirs and tantrums so now onto therpy and so parenting that comes to the house to try to help but ge dont

  2. Father Anonymous says:

    I am a single father. my wife was mysteriously found dead in the basement of my home a few years ago. detectives determined there were no foul play in their investigations. I was at work during the untimely death of my precious wife. the only ones in my home when my wife was found dead was my wife, and my 5 year old daughter. when I came home from work, I did my usual routine of announcing to my family I was home and tap danced on my living room floor for added entertainment. my daughter was usually the first one to greet me every day I did this routine. for some odd reason, she didn’t greet me that day and neither did my wife. there was no “daddy…you’re home” or “how was your day honey”. my home was completely quiet. it was like I parked my car in the wrong neighborhood and entered a stranger’s home. I took a look outside my kitchen window and noticed my wife’s car was parked outside. my wife always left me notes or text me if she was going out for the day. I figured she must be upstairs with my daughter playing a prank on me. I walked upstairs and check each room and my wife and child were not there. by the time I place one foot on the stairs to go back downstairs, I heard a loud scream. it was one of the most terrifying screams I have ever heard in my life. it was the voice of my daughter. I frantically find myself now chasing the scream downstairs, trying to find the voice in need. my daughter’s voice again appears, instructing me that she’s in the basement. I open the basement door and there’s total darkness. I hear a different voice now telling me….”she’s with us now”. I turn on the basement night and see my daughter on the basement floor hugging her mother and crying. I call out for my daughter and she’s non-responsive. I immediately pick my daughter up, and check my wife for vital signs. I’m nervous now, and my mind is crashing and burning from all the adrenaline filling my body. I am shaking and breathing hard. I am not getting any vital signs. right when I was about to scream, my daughter placed her hand over my mouth and says to me in her mother’s voice….”we’ll be back for your daughter later”.

  3. NAYDAGIRL says:

    @ Father Anonymous-

  4. Father Anonymous says:


    Thank you for the kind words. yes, the tragic event happened. I’ve reached out with my story to several private support groups, and spiritual guidance counselors. My faith is stronger than ever, my loving God will never be defeated by the deceiving works of the devil. My daughter today is a normal 16 year old girl. She goes out to the movies, and enjoys frequent visits to the mall on weekends. I relocated and remarried six years ago. My present wife has no knowledge of the incident. I don’t know if it’s a mistake in not to tell her, but I believe the Lord has giving me this new passage of life with my present wife and daughter.

    there have been numerous of strange incidents after the death of my first wife. about two years ago, My present wife heard noises coming from the living room. She was doing the laundry in the basement when she heard footsteps coming from above. She thought nothing of it, she figured it was me coming through the front door after work. She explained to me that she heard more unusual footsteps coming from the room above. she instantly took noticed and walked up the stairs from the basement. there was no one upstairs to take ownership of the footsteps. She explained to me when I got home from work an hour later that it sounded like someone was tap dancing. I found it kind of odd, knowing I never told her about the personal tap dancing routine I used to do for my first wife and daughter. Since I remarried, I never thought of any “Honey, I’m home!” new routines for my present wife and daughter. Coming home from work now to me is like staring into a blank piece of paper. You don’t know how painful it is for me to enter a home, and toss the house and car keys into a basket, and try for the millionth time to erase the memory of what happened that dreadful day I came home from work 11 years ago.

  5. Cara Ruth says:

    I think I’m possessed:/ it would explain alot

  6. hayley says:

    that pic waz scary like no lie i dnt think i could ever sleep again jkjk hahaha gtg byee ducess

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