Non-Conference NEWS! Introducing the #NonCon Opening Keynote

Attendees of the Aiming Low #NonCon will have their funny bones tickled in ways that feel obscene. As a great way to kick off the #NonCon festivities, we have an opening keynote designed to get you ready as only we can, introducing….

JC Little  – The Animated Woman

What can one say about a woman who draws naked stick figures?

I guess I could start by telling you that JC Little is a deliriously happily married woman…

JC Little and The Huz in bed.

…that she’s the mother of three gloriously opinionated humans…

JC Little with her three kids.

…a 30 year veteran of the animation world with a Gemini-nominated, Disney-syndicated TV series under her belt

My Life Me image under a belt.

…and an entrepreneur who runs her own company producing eco-edutainment for kids.

Little Animation for Kids DVD's.

Or I could share a few more personal details about JC, like how she roller-skated down the steepest hill in Montreal in fast moving traffic wearing nothing but shorts and a pink bustier…

JC Little rollerskating

… how she used to live in a cave in Greece…

JC Little living in a cave in Greece

…and how she once partied all night with Mötley Crüe only to wake up in another city.

JC Little with Motley Crue

I could also casually mention that although JC appears to be a mild-mannered artist in real life, quietly blogging as “The Animated Woman”…

JC Little is a mild-mannered artist

…she’s actually a hawt Super Hero who sneaks out to entertain, enlighten and inspire audiences with funny cartoons about life, the universe and everything.

JC Little is Maid of AWSum - The Animated Woman.

I could tell you all that. BUT I WON’T.

Cuz darnit, I hate talking in the third person.

Come and see me kick off the Aiming Low Non-Conference with my Keynote Non-Speech! There will be plenty of funny drawings and some of them might even be naked.

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