Zit Philosophy – Don’t Let Zits “Pop” Your Self-Esteem

An innocent child, I looked in the mirror.

The sweet smile was wiped off my face quicker than stains with new awesome-fabric-amazing-clean-thing:

The strawberry demons had risen, and had landed their spaceship on my unknowing forehead.

It was absolutely horrific to have a zit!

Sure enough, every other ten-year-old was clear as a summer sky, and then there was me, with a red tennis ball clinging onto my face.

Everyone thought it was so hilarious that I had a zit.

Well, get it over it, mini-munchkins. Half of you’ll be COVERED in zits by the time you finish primary school – not that it’s anything to be ashamed of.

It got worse.

By age 12, my forehead was ablaze with acne. I felt terrible about myself, like I was too ugly to even leave the house.

By 13, my nose was a maze of blackheads, and the invaders had invited friends to stay.

I had my hair cut into a fringe so that most of the damage on my forehead was covered, but I still knew I was ugly.

I could never be happy with myself, so I just told myself not to care about looks. The other girls seemed so glamorous, covered in make-up, with buckets of confidence.

Until I realized that it wasn’t the zits getting me down–it was just how I was made to FEEL about having them.

I’m still battling acne at 15, but I only have a few spots on my forehead now, thanks to super facial scrub and tea tree oil.

It had seemed there was every wonder cure in the world out there, because zits were just that horrible.

I realized that the media MADE me feel bad about having zits, because that way, they could sell me the products.

It was a trick everyone had fallen into.

Just because others look like they have clear skin, it doesn’t make it so.

Their zits are caked with make-up, which seeps into the pores, clogging them again–meaning even more zits.

It’s ironic that we are marketed natural cures for zits, when zits are natural themselves.

When we’re all beautiful to begin with, it’s nothing to get too worried about.

Zits fade, and so will your worry.

What’s the point of covering your zits in shame to feel just like everyone else?

Let’s start a revolution.

Because you are beautiful, no matter what “flaws” you have.


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Ginger is an anonymous blogger from the wilderness of Ireland, where she strains to find something to do. She is 14 and seen as very eccentric, but is much more interesting at a second glance. She loves delving into the layout of society and all of the drama in the world, as it is a non-stop action place. Her main passion is writing, but can quickly change course to whatever tickles her fancy that day. You can find her at her blog: Quirkyness, Rants, and General Randomness

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  1. IzzyMom says:

    I actually had very few zits as a tween and teen. Now, in my mid-forties? I have plenty. I don’t love them but by the time you get to be my age, you’ve learned to accept certain things.

    The real trick is to have that same acceptance at a much earlier point in your life. It will save all you young girls so much anguish and angst.

    Seriously, if I’d only known then what I know now…

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