When I Was Your Age

When I Was Your Age - Aming Low I remember being a kid and using a flashlight under my blankets to sneak extra reading time. Those stories just couldn’t be put away, so I stuck my head under the comforter and lost myself in the sweat, words and precariously held light.

I was doing it with Bobbsey Twins when I was little.

It was Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield when I was a teen.

Then I was old enough to read whenever and whatever I wanted but my light would keep others awake. (WHINERS!)

I guess you can say that sneak-reading is a rite of passage with me.

Fast forward to 2012.

There I was.

In a grassy meadow running gracefully to Ryan Reynolds with my hair rippling in the wind, my arms outstretched to grasp his–

Something woke me.


I didn’t hear anything. I couldn’t figure out what had woke me out of what was clearly a premonition a dream.

Then I looked over and saw it.

My ten-year-old daughter (sleeping with me) with the pillow over her face to block the light of the tablet computer with the Kindle app (that is free BOOYAH!) She was using it to sneak-read the “Hunger Games“.

“RACHAEL!” I snapped.

She jumped, losing her grip on the tablet and smacked herself in the face.

She grinned at me sheepishly.

“GO TO SLEEP!” I ordered and held my hand out for the tablet.

She messed around for a few minutes, got her pillow just right and finally dozed off.

I looked at her knowing that when the alarm clock went off, she’d pay for reading.

But another part of me knew exactly what she had felt and why she had done it.

I’ve done that same thing and was a little… proud of her.

Have you passed on certain habits and personality traits?


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  1. Yes! I have passed on THIS EXACT ONE. And it’s so hard for me to make her put down the book :-)

  2. Brandy says:

    I pass off way too many personality traits to list! This reminds me of my daughter so much, she pulls things like this often! lol

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  3. Maggie S. says:

    I passed on my sense of humor…like a continual bite on the a**

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  4. HeatherS says:

    I passed on the reading addict gene (as well as some super-fun anxiety issues). I found 9yo boy STILL reading in his bed at 11pm one school night a few months ago and said, “WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING UP? IT’S 11pm!” What can you say to the earnest reply, “It’s just, the hours pass like minutes when I’m reading…” Oh don’t I know it!

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