Insecurity Can Come in the Smallest Packages

For the longest time I didn’t wear sandals or flip-flops.

The thought of wearing open-toed shoes made me break out into a cold sweat.

I’m sure that looking at this picture you may not notice anything different and out of place; but there is.

One of these toenails is not like the other.

In my early teens I started having issues with my left big toe nail after getting injured goofing around outside.  The nail bed became inverted and for years I suffered from the agony of ingrown toenails or the agony of recovering from having the surgery to correct the issue.

I would hide my feet away in socks and tennis shoes in 100 degree heat for fear that people would see my toe and wonder what I did to cause it to look like such a hot mess. I hated my stupid tan lines and the fact that my feet always smelled because they couldn’t breathe.

And while I may have fixed the problem finally and I have to rely on a fake nail to make my feet look ‘normal,’ every now and again that anxiety and fear creep up on me and make me think that everyone knows that my foot is a fraud.

I really hate when it does that.

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  1. Tela says:

    i have wonky toe nails too. but i like wearing flip flops too much to care what other people think (most of the time)

  2. Megan says:

    I hate the nails on my baby toes. They always look out of place on my feet.

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  3. Nicole the weaver says:

    My toenails grow straight up into the air, especially the baby toes. I have nothing to paint on them!

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