How To Make a Cute Bag From an Old Shower Curtain

Regardless of how I might waste water when I brush my teeth or use warm water for laundry when I could use cold, I do feel guilty about the amount of plastic that we use up as a family and as a world.

In order to try to reuse what we can I decided there must be something for which we could use an old shower curtain…

A painting drop cloth? Yes. A grill cover? That too. How about a patio furniture cover? Yep. But I wanted to make something by taking my old shower curtain and turning it into something else.

A no sew pool bag for my daughter for her summer swim season made with duct tape? Oh yes, yes I did.

You’ll need your shower curtain, duct tape, scissors, drawstring and clip. That’s it!

Step One: Get Ready to Cut Bag

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Fold the curtain and match up the ring holes (I found 6 to match up that weren't ripped), then cut the shape of a bag. Make it large enough to hold a towel and sunscreen.

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  1. pat says:

    Nice! I bet Quinlinn love it too.

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  2. Your slideshow is beatific! Also, I won’t be making a bag out of my shower curtain because I suspect there are people in my family who pee in there.

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  3. Is this true? Wow. your so creative and resourceful. I love to try making this one. It seems it is very nice and useful. Thanks for giving us the exact ways to do it.

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