Fifteen Years in Fifteen Minutes, Teaching the 80s & 90s

Are you married to someone who wasn’t born in North America?

Or married to someone born after 1990?

Are you tired of explaining things like who “The Fonz” is or what “Sashay! Shantay!” means?

Or why Scrappy Doo sucks?

Me, too. I have the coolest, greatest husband ever. Sometimes, though, the fact that we grew up on different sides of the world can be a serious buzz kill. For example, my husband and I are politically divergent in opinion. He’s an Alex P. Keaton and I’m more Mike “Meathead” Stivic which is fine and great, except it makes me incredible sad that he doesn’t appreciate how clever that little parallel is.

On a separate note, given that people who were born in 1990 are now of legal drinking age, this culture gap isn’t just limited to disparate nations. I’ve come to realize that I’m now in the very awkward position of having to explain things like “chia pets” or “pet rocks” to someone who’s taking my blood pressure. What? I’m a conversationalist.

Anyway. In an effort to save intercultural marriages from awkward moments and to make all of us feel that much younger, I’ve put together a short assortment of YouTube videos that will help anyone who missed out on experiencing American culture from 1981 to 1996.

1980ish: Anyone who knows my husband knows that this is totally something he would do. “Alex P. Keaton’s Stock Market Crash Dance”. It’s just like Bollywood.

1982: When my husband grew a goatee a la George Michael 1996 in 2000, my brother and I called him “Evil Michael.” He didn’t seem to think that was funny. That’s because he didn’t watch this when he was 6. Take it away, Hoff.

1986: Davy Jones died recently. I was stunned when I heard someone say, “Who is Davy Jones?” Just.Floored. They obviously didn’t tune into MTV that lovely Sunday in ’86 when my ten year old self was treated to this:

1990ish: The Wheel of Morality. I mean. Come on. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS?!

Oh, and this is why Scrappy Doo sucks. He’s kind of a douche.

Now, this is my experience with my videos… what videos would make it your experience, too?


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  1. Faiqa, another great post! I loved the Monkees, and used to watch them back in the 60′s/early 70′s. I’m totally bummed that I never saw Davy Jones at any of the Flower and Garden Festival concerts at Epcot!

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    • Faiqa says:

      That’s exactly what I thought about when I heard of Davy’s Jones’ passing (I only lived half an hour and missed it every year… kicking myself!!)

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