What a Rebel!

Teenagers are the ultimate rebels.

For years, the rebellion bug has infected teens, claiming liberation from their parents – because this is an essential part of life!

To rebel against our parents and other adults, and do exactly what teenage rebellion demands!

Because that’s what everyone else is doing!

I’ve just set off a major bombshell here, so I’ll give you all a moment to breathe.

The media, music in particular, loves to convince “oppressed” teens that they are being freed from the evil clutches of their parents, teachers and their society. By singing their loud, disrespectful chants, you are breaking the wall those before you worked so hard to build.

Wow, we’re a part of something.

We’re accepted by someone other than our moms (who raised us, yet we do everything in our power to annoy them)!

Seriously, teens.

It’s about time we all realised that rebellious propaganda is in fact the monster controlling the gears in our brains.

Any subculture becomes a dominant force in the universe when it has enough followers to corrupt the minds of others.

If you think cackling evilly whilst dying your dark hair blonde like the others did makes you a rebel, think again – you’re now a soldier in the army of non-rebel oppression.

If you are cool enough to be a rebel, there is another group loosing their power as you rise.

If putting down the smart kid is “rebellious,” think just how many people are that smart – one.

Maybe this nerd, by being his or her own individual, is rebelling against your mass-corruption of society.

Because, SHOCKER – you can’t all be individuals if you’re all exactly the same.

But everyone ditches a class, doesn’t do their homework, drinks alcohol, smokes, has sex, and shouts abuse at the guy in a suit on the street.

Yet, there’s ten of you.
And ten million across the country.

I just wish these rebels could rebel against something important and pick a lesser poison.

Why not rebel against corruption in government?
Or countries who forbid education for girls?
Or help out amnesty?
Or Greenpeace?
Or help anyone at all?

Because not helping others is “rebellious.” Nice.

I just hope the other rebels are cool enough to call an ambulance when you get hit by a truck. Hopefully no nerdy paramedics will come, though.

Oh, rebels. You age me so.

So, people, I hope I’ve opened your minds glued shut by poisonous media.

Being a “rebel” is usually just conforming to another group.

So, it’s all just politics.

What? I thought “rebels” didn’t care about politics?
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Ginger is an anonymous blogger from the wilderness of Ireland, where she strains to find something to do. She is 14 and seen as very eccentric, but is much more interesting at a second glance. She loves delving into the layout of society and all of the drama in the world, as it is a non-stop action place. Her main passion is writing, but can quickly change course to whatever tickles her fancy that day. You can find her at her blog: Quirkyness, Rants, and General Randomness.

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  1. Alice says:

    Oh my goodness, I could not agree more! This is what I try to explain to my friends, and most of the people at my school. I find it interesting how everyone who seems to think they’re so individual and different are usually following the crowd.

    I mean, I was a nerd before it was cool. And I’m still not ‘cool’ now because I’m not doing it ‘right’, in that hipster way.

    You literally summed up my thoughts on this subject. Great post!

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  2. Well said. I literally JUST blogged about this last week. I usually don’t link drop, but I think you’ll connect well with this piece.


    “Dear Modern Day Teenagers Of 2012″

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  3. Alice:
    I would agree with you here, but forming a subculture of mutual agreement would probably defeat the purpose of this post.. Thanks for your comment and good luck with spreading the word :)

    Thanks for commenting, I loved your post! :)


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