Everything Looks Perfect

“‘Cause everything looks perfect from far away.”
I hadn’t listened to this song in a really, really long time. But I did the other day, and that line stuck to at me. “Everything looks perfect from far away.”
In “Gulliver’s Travels,” Gulliver visits the island of Lilliput, a place filled with people one-twelfth the height of a human. The Lilliputians look beautiful to Gulliver, but it’s because he’s so big and far away. They’re actually hideous.
From here: He’s hot; she’s gorgeous; they hold hands; they smile; they work things out.
From up close: He’s vain; she’s insecure; they’re clingy; they’re forcing it; they’re passive-aggressive.
The world.
You really can’t see the truth from far away. Some things that are terrible from a distance make sense up close. Some things that look perfect from far away are atrocities up close. You just can’t tell.
So you have to make a choice.
You can live your life at a distance, believing that everything is wonderful, and live in fear of being disillusioned.
Or you can get up close, running the risk of disappointment, and live with the knowledge that you’re nobody’s fool.
It’s your choice.

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Stephanie is a stubborn, sarcastic, occasionally hilarious high-school senior with elf ears and a passion for words. She began blogging in 2008, but when the sunshine-and-butterfly persona started to feel fake, she created Pandora in March of 2011. With her straightforward posting style, Stephanie strives to foster a spirit of hope and acceptance as she uses her God-given talents to make the world a better place.

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