3 BlackBerry PlayBook Photo Apps

Nothing gets me giddy like a new gadget, especially when I can take pictures with that new gadget, so I danced around the kitchen table like a four-year-old while my cat judged me before I got down to the business of playing with my new BlackBerry PlayBook.

BlackBerry Playbook

While the BlackBerry PlayBook’s camera is not quite the equal of my usual iPhone camera, it’s not too shabby for a point and shoot, and I had some fun with a few of the apps I’ve played around with so far.

One of my favourite apps is TouchUp Pro. It’s good for basic colour and sharpness editing, and it did a pretty good job of punching up the average photo:

BlackBerry PlayBook

I also used it for such artistically sophisticated endeavours as making my street look like an alien landscape:

BlackBerry Playbook

When I first play with apps, I veer toward the fun rather than high art.

InstaPhoto, an app that has a number of photo filters ranging from playful to artful, let me make snow look very gothic:

 BlackBerry PlayBook

and turned my street into the background of a 1960s music poster:

BlackBerry Playbook

The photo app that really drew me in, surprisingly, is Pencil Camera. I say surprisingly, because I don’t normally like apps that so heavily alter photos, but this one comes with a twist, especially if you have kids: take a photo, run it through Pencil Camera, and voilà! You have colouring pages of whatever they want to colour.

BlackBerry PlayBook

Lucky for you, I doubt they’ll be choosing to colour my face.

Are there any BlackBerry PlayBook photo apps you’d add to my list?

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