6 Tips for Taking Springtime Photos of Your Kids

As the temperatures rise and the flowers bloom, spring is the perfect time to capture your little ones at play. But through trial and error, I’ve picked up a few tips:

Don't sit on top of the flowers!

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I know that when you have those flowers blooming in your yard that you are tempted to place your kids right on top of the flowers, but don't. Plant the kids about a foot or so IN FRONT of the flowers and you will love the results!

What are your tricks for taking great photos of your kids?

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  1. As a photographer I have to say these photos are gorgeous and you are spot on with your advice. I loved nothing more at the time, than to capture my kids capturing the wonders of their world.
    Now that they are teenagers, I get the joy of posing them, and having them sit, or stand, or smile or frown or brood or laugh for me.
    But there are times they are just as difficult to catch as when they were little..

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  2. These are GREAT shots of kids and they look amazing.

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