How to Turn a Dog Crate into An Artsy End Table

My home is full of a hodge podge of stuff. Most of it was either handed down to us, or we’ve purchased it used from thrift stores or garage sales. I am all about repurposing stuff, or having stuff serve more than one purpose. While our house isn’t small–1,800 square feet for two adults, two teenage girls, a dog and two cats–it can get to be a bit cramped, especially in our turn-of-the-century colonial where things like square rooms and closet space were not in the plans.

Like most dog owners, we crate our dog. There are two things that I have always hated about crates: they are ugly and they are always in the way. I thought about splurging and getting a crate like this, until I realized that splurging was more like handing them my first born child, and… well, now that she drives and can do the laundry, I like having her around.

What happened next was a happy accident. While I was moving around some painting that I rescued from the yard sale pile at a friend’s parent’s house, I stacked the paintings on top of the crate and realized that they fit perfectly. And thus, an end table was born using things I had lying around the house.

I nestled the crate in the corner by the love seat and the couch, added some tabletop accessories and reaped the rewards of my creative genius. To make it even better, Barney loves her crate even more now than she did before. I think it is because it’s more cave-like, but whatever the reason, I am happy that one piece can serve two needed functions in our home.

To keep the paintings in place, I made sure that the eye hooks on the backs of the paintings were placed in between the bars on the top side of the crate. If your painting doesn’t have them, you can easily add them. Just measure the top of your crate to make sure that when you purchase (or rescue) your painting(s) that they will fit.

Repurposing is fun! If you decide to make a crate end table let me know in the comments–I would love to see it!

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  1. Helen says:

    Brilliant! Our hound hates her crate so we only use it when camping … as she creeps out under the tent wall and then cries because she’s too daft to work out how to get back in!
    However we have always used the crate as an additional table/towel drying stand when on camp – so why not at home?
    I’ll bear this in mind for any future dog that’s not quite as daft as the one we currently have …

  2. Shelly says:

    We are also using our dog crate for a kitchen island. The kitchen is two small to have them both in there, so we made a frame with locking wheels, put a beautiful top on it, and inserted the kennel in that!! Its working Beautifully.

  3. Enjoy shopping for your next dog crate end table.
    Handcrafted by Amish Craftsman in PA.
    Many sizes and stain colors to choosed from.

  4. Bambangruk says:

    great idea and so brilliant. thanks for sharing

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