A Little Spring Cleaning

I have been known to only paint the 3 toenails that are exposed in my peep-toe pumps and I may not wax the floors until swimsuit season, but the longer days shining through my dirty windows remind me I have spring cleaning to do.

Rather than just kicking a laundry mountain into a couple of smaller hills, I like to make a concentrated effort at least once a year to tackle the bigger tasks.

Cleaning Out the Fridge – I am as fond of my fridge as one can be of a major appliance.  I chose the 26 cubic foot model with all the bells and whistles because it held a lot of shit, which I took to mean I didn’t need to clean until I ran out of storage containers.  Since opening the door and letting the fuzzy items walk away on their own never seems to work, I do a thorough cleaning every spring.

The Windows – For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to have a room with 400 windows added to our house when we remodeled several years ago.  Though one of my children does have a fondness for window licking, I am hoping this year we can channel that energy in to cleaning.

Underneath the Eating Bar – With enough preservatives, I’m pretty sure I could scrape it down and feed our family for a few days with all the shit stuck to the bottom.  My kids usually forgo their napkins in favor of their shirts, so I’m not sure what actually makes it in their mouths.

Cleaning the Cobwebs – The intricate pattern of cobwebs in some of our ceiling corners look like my grandmother’s doilies, while those in our skylights could be mistaken for actual shades.  While I consider them organic Halloween decorations in the fall, I try to do a clean sweep once a year.

Weeding the Garden, Cleaning the Gutters, Power Washing the Porch – Who am I kidding?  That’s why I got married and reproduced.

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  1. Marj Hatzell says:

    Windows. Riiiiight. I should do that and stuff. I thought it was just dark all the time out there.

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  2. Are you readying my guest quarters? I’m coming in to stay for a few days or years. Till Liv is through this fussy stage.

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  3. Kristin says:

    I tackled the windows yesterday. Well, I did the pre-cleaning, the glass part still needs doing. And there’s something lurking in the back of my fridge that I’m ignoring.

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  4. Seriously?

    I put on my sandals and only polish what’s sticking out the front.

    I also pretend no one can see my heels.

    So cleaning out the refrigerator?

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  5. Arnebya says:

    You know what I need to spend more time on? The baseboards. They are disgusting. Every time I go up the stairs, when I get to the middle I can see the baseboard of the landing and grrrrr somebody get me a goddamn magic eraser already.

    My fridge is on its last leg. I’m hoping it’s not ready to die just yet. Not just yet.

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  6. Bridget says:

    I recently cleaned out the refrigerator. It’s already dirty again, so really it was pointless. Remind me never to do that again.

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