Winners Automate Windows Maintenance

Do you have a Windows computer? If not, you’re laughing at this post and walking away. If you DO, then you’re wondering to yourself a) What is maintenance? Am I supposed to be doing something? or b) That’s a PITA.

There’s somewhere in between, folks, and it’s maintenance automation. Automation is awesome, and even if you know nada about computers, you can set it up!

Why is it important?

  • As you use your computer, a lot of crap files and (lesser so on recent operating systems) fragmented files appear, slowing things down and cluttering it up. Especially when you watch porn. JUST SAYIN’.
  • As you use your computer, various things can get broken.
  • As you use your computer, someone is finding a security risk, exploiting it and finding a way to turn your machine into a Spam Farm, so you need the security updates too!
  • Plus a bunch of other reasons that I’m too lazy to go into and you don’t care about.

What can I do?

So glad you asked! Here are a few tips–with tutorials–that you should look into. This’ll get you down the path of automation for Windows. Soon, you’ll have your computer cooking breakfast and waking you up in the morning. (Fun fact: Only one of those isn’t possible. Yet. )

  • Set Disk Cleanup to run regularly at a scheduled time. Disk cleanup will take care of temporary files. This can be helpful in reducing start-up/boot times and, depending on how many temporary files you have, general speed. Disk Cleanup Tutorial
  • Back up your files. With Windows 7 you don’t even need a fancy program (like Carbonite)–there is a process built in. Set that up to back up on a schedule and don’t worry about data crashes as much! Backup & Restore Tutorial
  • Update your software. Set Windows to check for OS updates and patches as well as updates for your Windows software (i.e. Office products, Microsoft Security Essentials, their free antivirus, etc.) That’ll keep you up to date and safer from nasty, nasty hackers. Use Windows Update Tutorial

Happy Automating!

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Caitlin, a.k.a MommyGeek, is a member of the iGeneration. This means she’s super into technology, and when the robots take over the world, will either be one of the first killed (she knows too much) or recruited to help enslave you (she knows too much – and sympathizes with the robots). She runs Rent a Geek Mom web design, and writes documentation, tutorials and works as Support at Headway Themes.


  1. Mary Anne says:

    Too bad about the porn but the rest sounds really cool. I have a windows computer that needs some maintenance stat!

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