The Forgotten Loves

Today is February 15th.

It is the 1503 anniversary of Khosrau being crowned king of Persia.
It is St. Louis, Missouri’s birthday.
It is the day of the Flores Theater fire in Acapulco, Mexico.

It is the day after Valentine’s Day.

From the time I was twelve, I’ve kept a Valentine’s Day Journal to record the events and emotions of the special day. It’s an interesting way to remember and watch myself mature.

For example, when I was twelve, we watched You’ve Got Mail as a family, and I called it the “best Valentine’s Day I have ever had, thanks to Momma, Daddy and Sarah!”

Then when I was thirteen and fourteen, I proclaimed my Valentine’s Days to be “pretty good” and “pretty good, but not terrific.”

When I was fifteen, I thought forgetting about the holiday made me seem cool. I couldn’t remember hardly anything to write about it, and ended the entry with “Okay. Sorry. Forget V. day ’09.”

When I was sixteen, Valentine’s Day started on February 13th for me; I was claimed as a Valentine by my unofficial boyfriend, PC. That Valentine’s Day was perfect and beautiful and all that mushy stuff.

Then at seventeen–last year–I began the journal entry by saying, “A lot can change in a year.” The description of the mildly-special day ends with, “I wonder what PC did for his girlfriend today.” I tried very hard not to mention the fact that I was heartbroken.

Although it’s after February 14th by now, I’m writing this post in January, so I can’t help but wonder what Valentine’s Day twenty-twelve will be like. Will it be warm and innocent like it was when I was twelve? Forgettable and mildly depressing like fifteen? Perfect and adorable like sweet sixteen?

As I pondered this, something very obvious occurred to me: TYPES OF LOVE OTHER THAN ROMANTIC ARE WORTH CELEBRATING, TOO.

How can we have such one-track minds that we forget the other types of love? They matter every bit as much as romance.

What about the protective, fun love of siblings?
The unfailing, loyal love of best friends?
The sweet, fierce love of parents?
The wise, mentoring love of grandparents?
The infinite, empowering love of God?

This year, I hope you’ll love your boyfriend. But I also hope you’ll love your brother, your best friend, your mom, your granddad and your God, because a world where we dismiss those kinds of love is a tragic, empty place indeed.

I think my twelve-year-old self might have been on to something that my seventeen-year-old self forgot. Isn’t it funny when that happens? This year, I’m taking back my twelve-year-old perspective and am loving love–all the kinds.
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Stephanie is a stubborn, sarcastic, occasionally hilarious high-school senior with elf ears and a passion for words. She began blogging in 2008, but when the sunshine-and-butterfly persona started to feel fake, she created Pandora in March of 2011. With her straightforward posting style, Stephanie strives to foster a spirit of hope and acceptance as she uses her God-given talents to make the world a better place.

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  1. Jayson says:

    I like how not just your maturity about the day changed but how your idea of the day did too. Twelve was good because you had fun with your family. Maybe that’s something we forget.

  2. JW Moxie says:

    I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day with your family, Stephanie! I did with mine!

    Twitter Name:

  3. Ginger says:

    As long as you’re having fun with the people you love, who cares who they are.
    I really enjoyed this post and I hope this Valentine’s Day was just as good as your 12th! :)

  4. Polka Dot says:

    I love this–beautifully put, and how I feel about the holiday. It’s about *love*, and celebrating it isn’t contingent on having a boyfriend.


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