3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fret about Being Single on Valentine’s Day

So it’s almost Valentines Day.

A lot of you are hopelessly single, drifting from fantasy to reality, wondering if you’ll ever find “the one.” Chances are, what with all those years ahead of you, you will definitely find the one. It may seem now that everyone in the world is coupled up and cheerful, unlike us sad singletons who stay at home, weeping into our pillows. Some people just want the status of being in a relationship or the feeling of being loved, which seems the center of the universe, at times. This is nonsensical, as teenage minds tend to exaggerate facts to make life seem unbearable – but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of crazy aspects of romance are thrown at us, some of which have bizarre backgrounds:

1. Snogging is not what it seems.

Snogging, kissing, lip locking – whatever you call it, mutual lip contact is seen as ginormous. Sadly, kissing causes cold sores and even glandular fever, a very bad flu which could last months. It travels through the saliva, meaning the snogging-obsessed are its favourite prey. As for kissing’s origin – long ago, when food was scarce and we all lived in caves, mothers would eat and then regurgitate for their baby to eat, but the craze caught on. Yep, just like the birds do it. You’re not missing out on that much.

2. On TV, every teen is coupled up happily.

I don’t know of many people who would watch a romantic-comedy in which our protagonist’s love interest was a scumbag. TV shows make teenage love look flawless and perfect to get us all hooked. TV shows also create talking animals, vampires, and little kids saving the world. TV is not always a true image of real life.

3. The drama.

Some girls don’t take love lightly, and spend many an evening sobbing over the day’s events on supposed “Paradise Island.” As mentioned, love is thrown at us as being perfect, to encourage us to buy from the chocolate companies and watch rom-coms. With everything from the stress of wondering if your relationship is perfect to gossips demanding updates, it becomes far more pressure than you anticipated.

SINGLETONS – If you need a sweetie to get you through, it doesn’t hold high-ups for you in the future. If you’re that dependent, it’s time you stepped away and got to know yourself better.

Love is wonderful, and it will happen for everyone someday.

Worrying about conforming to standards is not a characteristic of a strong, powerful girl. Give yourself some credit, rise above this, and know that people come and go, but there’s one totally amazing, perfect for you person who stays nearby every day-

the one in the mirror.
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Ginger is an anonymous blogger from the wilderness of Ireland, where she strains to find something to do. She is 14 and seen as very eccentric, but is much more interesting at a second glance. She loves delving into the layout of society and all of the drama in the world, as it is a non-stop action place. Her main passion is writing, but can quickly change course to whatever tickles her fancy that day. You can find her at her blog: Quirkyness, Rants, and General Randomness.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hahaha! I love this! I laughed out loud :) I love your style–I knew it was you right away. Your message is great, and you delivered it with with that dry sense of humor that I adore.


  2. UnknownMami says:

    Great perspective and really it’s not a bad thing to be single.

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  3. JW Moxie says:

    This does definitely have the classic “Ginger” lean, doesn’t it, Stephanie?

    I just love your “rants,” Ginger. They’re always so well-reasoned. xoxo

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  4. Ginger says:

    Thanks everyone, I hope you all had a good time with the one person you should always love (yourself) this Valentine’s Day :)

  5. Argenta says:

    I truly enjoy looking at on this internet site , it holds wonderful articles .

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