How to Make a Superhero Cape

A couple of years ago, I found myself trapped in a house with two very active little boys and a baby. It was the sort of situation guaranteed to crack even the toughest nut. And let’s be fair. I’m not that tough.

In a flash of genius, I told the boys I’d make them superhero capes. Cue cries of excitement.

I tied pillowcases around their necks and proceeded to watch them try to hang themselves. Apparently knots around necks is a hazard.

So that night, I hauled out my sewing machine and set out to create non-strangulation capes.

Superhero Cape Tutorial

You’ll Need:

  • 2 yards cotton (1 yd. each of two colors)
  • Thread
  • Felt squares
  • Super-sticky Velcro
  • Fabric glue

1. Cut out your capes. Since I made a few of these, I cut out a simple pattern from muslin. You can also just draw the shape on the fabric with a chalk pen. Ignore the fact that I’m committing a serious sewing crime by not pre-ironing my fabric.

2. Match the right sides of the fabric together and secure with pins.

3. Sew around the fabric, leaving a two-inch space in the bottom seam open. This is so that you can turn your cape right side in. I know my my cape isn’t lined up, but it’ll still work out. Are you beginning to sense how forgiving this pattern is?

4. Trim excess fabric, being sure to cut notches at the curves.

5. Feed fabric through the hole until your seams are inside and your right side is out. If you are a beginner and I just lost you, let me know.

Tip: When you get to the neck area, use a chopstick to help push the small bits through.

6. Iron. (I know… I’ve committed yet another sewing crime by not pressing my seams. Stop being so picky.) Using a bit of fabric glue, seal the hole at the bottom of the cape.

7. Cut out a felt star or lightening bolt or whatever shape you want to feature on the cape.

8. Cut out a felt letter representing the kid in your life.

9. Sew the star, bolt or other shape to the cape through both layers of fabric.

10. Using fabric glue, adhere the letter on top the shape. If you’re super talented, you can also just sew it on, but don’t tell me if you do. I’ll just get jealous of your mad skillz.

11. Adhere sticky Velcro to the neck.

Your little superhero is now ready to save the world.

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  1. Peryl Manning says:

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. Now come over and make it for me.

  2. Ditto to what Peryl said. Or even better—open your own little Etsy shop and sell these babies. I’d totally buy some from you!!

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