Non-Conference 101: What is a “Roundtable”?

Round Table 1Round Table 2

You may have been asking yourself “What exactly IS a roundtable and how is this different from what I’ve come to expect at conferences?”

Let me see if I can clear that up at all.

We are opting to hold each session as a roundtable.

Each session will have three or four roundtables = informal, relaxed, Q/A, two-way conversations between the Aiming Low staff leading THAT particular ’roundtable’ and the attendees that have chosen THAT ’roundtable’.

It actually has nothing to do with the shapes of the tables. I know! Mind-blowing!!!

There will be roundtables with topics for every session.

BUT, if you aren’t into any of the topics there will always be a CHAT roundtable, hosted by Aiming Low staff.

There you go!

“Roundtable” by Aiming Low definition!

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