Holiday Shopping Guide for the Geek in Your Life

Ahhh, the holidays. Many of you might be related to geeks and, likely, are generally scrambling about what to get them for the holidays.  There are a few major problems with shopping for geeks: You can’t shop months ahead of time, because you’ll be out of date by Christmas, and everything they want is astronomically expensive.

So what is a generous, delightful person such as yourself to do? Don’t resort to gift cards! Try these geekishly awesome gifts on for size.

For Computer Geeks

Power Icon Cufflinks - For the next Black Tie LAN party, obviously.  Here’s a slightly cheaper alternative, too.

USB Flexlight - If your laptop doesn’t have a light-up keyboard and you enjoy computing at night, this can be a handy addition.

Humping USB Dog - It’s a humping dog on a USB stick. I’m not sure what else you need to know.

Darth Vader USB Hub - Even die-hard Trekkies have to admit the awesome that is Darth Vader.

iPad Cases - From the Etch-a-Sketch iPad Case to a Kawaii Owl iPad Case, you can find cases that are stylishfunctional, or just silly.  Even if they have a case already, I think you can’t have enough.

For Stylish Geeks

Men’s Leather Watch Case - Know any stylish geeks that can’t get enough of a fancy, unreadable, obscure watches? Like sun dial watches? Here’s a case to keep them in. It’ll probably be the most stylish thing about their collection!

The Borrower’s SmartGirl Book Purse - This purse shaped like a book is really adorable. Know any stylish librarians?

For Kitchen Geeks

Silly Plastic Egg Molds - I’m not great in the kitchen, but I’d be willing to try if I could get my eggs to look like a cute little teddy bear face.

Stainless Steel Pewter Martini Picks –  Martini’s are already the height of sophistication, but they get even better with these picks. They also double as a weapon, bonus!

French Press (Coffee) – When Starbucks is too far away, or you blew your coffee money on a Humping Dog USB, this french press will get you good coffee at a fraction of the price.

For Book Geeks

Kindle Touch Hardcover Book Case - Keep “them” from stealing your new toy!

Miniature Book Necklace – The best part comes when you sit at the mall and pretend the read it. Get your friend to take pictures of all the funny looks you get!

Abstract Painting of Library Books - It’s a painting of books in a bookcase. I’m not sure what else to say except that this is PERFECT for … well, me. I sort of love this.

For Everyone Else

Plush Herpes Microbe - Heh. Make it an anonymous gift, so you can say that *someone* gave them herpes. Naturally you don’t want to take credit for this gift ;-)

Talk Nerdy to Me T-shirt - It isn’t easy being green, or nerdy.

Soft Kitty T-Shirt (Big Bang Theory) – “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.”


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