A Lipstick Secret That Will Shock and Amaze You

I have been on the quest to wear red lipstick for as long as I can remember.

You may be asking yourself why would someone devote their life to a quest to wear a certain color lipstick.  My answer to you would be – why not?

In order for a red lipstick to be deemed wearable in my world it needs to live up to certain standards

  • The shade of red needs to be flattering
  • I need to be able to pick up this lipstick in a variety of locations
  • My lips still need to feel like my lips when I am wearing the red lipstick
  • The red lipstick must be moderately priced as I only have one first born and unless that tube is going to last me the rest of my life, I can only sell her to you once.
  • The red lipstick needs to have staying power.  Like you know, all day long.
I know what you are thinking my friends, I have embarked in an impossible task.  What I will say next will shock and amaze you.
I have found not one but two red lipsticks that fit my criteria and they are fabulous! I know, I know, you don’t believe me.  How could you? If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would hardly believe it myself.
This my friends is a shot of me after wearing one of the two lipsticks for over 10 hours.  Ten!!  If that’s not staying power than I don’t know what is.
If you are like me and have been on the quest to find that perfect lipstick with staying power you are in luck, I am here to share my knowledge with you.
The two brands that have magical abilities to stay on my lips all day are L’Oreal Infalliable lip color and Cover Girl Outlast all day lip color. I thought I would be loyal to one brand once I found it, but I switch between the two brands and have found pros and cons for each one.  One thing that I have found for both, make sure that you apply to clean, dry lips that aren’t chapped for best performance.
L’Oreal Infalliable Lip Color
  • It comes in a compact that keeps both parts of the lip color together.
  • The compact has a mirror for easy application.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • Found at many mass retailers and drug stores.
  • You can rub your lips together during step one to evenly get the color on your lips.
  • Of the two it is more pricey at 11.99
  • You don’t actually see the color of the lip color through the tube as it is just a colored plastic.
  • You can only use the provided top coat to re freshen your lip color throughout the day.
  • If not applied correctly it will chunk off.
Cover Girl Outlast Lip Color
  • Moderately priced at about 7.99.
  • Can be found at mass retailers and drug stores.
  • You can use chap-stick to re freshen your lip color throughout the day.
  • You can see an accurate color through the tube.
  • The two pieces are loose making it easy to lose one or the other.
  • You have to let your lips dry completely with stage one before you can continue onto stage two.
  • There aren’t as many colors to choose from, at least not at the place where I purchased mine.
Let me know if you decide to dive into the world of all day lipstick.  I would love to hear your results and better yet, what color you picked!
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  1. I have tried the Cover Girl one you spoke of. You are correct on the lack of colour choice but I did love the staying power. I wore it to my work New Year’s party last year and it lasted through dinner (and I had quite a lot to eat *lol*) and 4 glasses of wine. I fell asleep before removing my makeup (I know, I know) and it was still there the next morning like I had just put it on fresh.

    I did have a question. How do you choose your red? I love red lipstick but can’t seem to find a red that flatters me. They usually end up looking like clown makeup. =[

    TIA. Love the post.

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    • To be honest, I just picked a red. For Cover Girl I used Ever-Reddy. It looked to be the truest red. I also had to (not saying that you do) get over the fact that my lips were going to stand out (a lot) with the red lipstick. I try not go get one with coral undertones as they just don’t look as flattering on my skin.

      Thanks! And let me know if you find a red shade that works well, I know that the Cover Girl site has a color matcher. Also if you go to a Sephora store they can help you pick a shade that is right for you in red and then you can take the sample color and go and find your shade in the more affordable colors at the drug store.

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  2. IzzyMom says:

    I know red lipsticks typically have yellow, orange or blue base tones and that one of those is usually best for a specific skin tone but, unfortunately, I’ve never found a red that looked good on me.

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  3. Julie says:

    Love the Cover Girl, may have to give the L’Oreal a spin. @Arawynn, I’ve had the same next day thing with the CG. And because I’m super lazy even on non-party nights, few things make me happier than recycled makeup.

    My coloring is almost the opposite of yours, but what are the shade names you like?

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  4. Peryl says:

    What shade are you wearing in the pic? So pretty. Just bought red lipstick for the first time EVER – to go with a vintage 50s party dress. We’ll see how that whole combo goes…

    • I hope the combo went over well. I just love red lipstick and vintage 50s dresses.

      The shade I am wearing in the picture is L’Oreal Cerise. I think it is my favorite of the two. And the fact that I lost the Cover Girl one has mostly nothing to do with that fact. ;)

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  5. Erin says:

    I’m requesting the shade from pic 2 please! I’ve been looking for a red lipstick SHADE I like forever and that is awesome!

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