Introducing the ‘Aiming Low Paycheck’ – A Way To Make Money

When we have articles like “8 Ways To Start a Fist Fight at a Dinner Party” and “10 Things or People That Are Overrated” you have to know that we are always looking out for your best interest.

One way that Aiming Low is doing its part in this relationship is to put money in your pocket.

You don’t even have to mark your own street corner!

We have forged a partnership with Cint to bring YOU the opportunity to make money.

How it works:

  • You fill out the registration form that tells them all about you
  • Cint finds surveys that match your interests and contacts you to take these surveys
  • When you have finished the survey Cint pays YOU directly (for participation on your account—paid out through Paypal)
  • Companies paying for consumers to take surveys is nothing new—Cint helps facilitate the process by matching consumers with surveys and paying for their participation. It’s that simple.

Interested? Then fill out the survey below so Cint can start matching you up with surveys that pay!

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  1. alexa says:

    hi – I tried to sign up but the survey didn’t show up correctly on the 2nd page. You couldn’t scroll down after the movie section so you couldn’t submit your form. I tried it on Firefox and Explorer.

  2. Laura says:

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