It Was a Hi-C Halloween…

Exhibit A: I was a Hi-C juice box for Halloween.

My mom is far more crafty than I, which isn’t saying much because most every Halloween costume she made me revolved around a cardboard box of some sort (see Exhibit A). I was a Hi-C grape juice box, which was almost impossible to walk in because the box was narrow and my knees knocked on it every time I moved. Nevermind the fact that I was quite obviously very jealous of my friend, Jennifer, who went as Madonna (my idol), complete with makeup, lots of lace, baubles, and fun colors in her hair.

Oh, and then there was this other year when I was just a box that had orange and black streamers glued all over it and I donned a sad homemade hat (please see Exhibit B). What was I anyway, Mom? A Halloween present? Clearly you were a witch, maybe I was supposed to be some kind of strange sidekick or something.

Exhibit B: Random box with Halloween-colored streamers WTF?

Let’s not forget the year that I was a jack-in-the-box (Exhibit C). I look super happy there, don’t I? I mean, who wouldn’t love all that itchy crap around her neck coupled with the inability to move her arms? Don’t even ask me how I went to the bathroom while wearing this contraption, er, costume, because I have no recollection. I’ve blocked it all out. Even years of intense psychotherapy and medication couldn’t coax the memories from me.

Exhibit C: Erin-in-the-box


Exhibit D: Even my little brother could not escape the boxes...



Suffice it to say that being stuffed into boxes all those years explains why I buy my children’s costumes from Target. Yes there’s the complete absence of the crafty gene which I mentioned, but also the fact that I’m still not sure how many of my neuroses can be attributed to these scary costumes from my childhood. I can’t even sew on a button, so I suppose I’m being rather hard on my mom; however, I never want my daughters to feel boxed in. They’re quite happy wearing crappy, paper-thin bumblebee costumes that fall apart after one or two wearings. Mom of the Year I’m not, but it sure beats stressing over learning how to work a freakin’ sewing machine!

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  1. Amy says:

    Oh Man.. Your Mom was the queen of Boxes! And, ahem, far more creative than I!

    (Thankfully I always got to use my crafty sisters kids’ awesome handmedowns :)

  2. Carrie says:

    I feel like I should apologize. I laughed at your sweet little pictures. Of you in a box.

    That is priceless. You through the years.

    In a box.

    Thanks for the great, great read! And a seriously needed laugh!!

    Twitter Name:

  3. gigi says:

    hi, it’s me, MOM! i wasn’t really crafty, i just didn’t know how to sew (and ready-made costumes were not abundant in houma, louisiana in the 1980′s!) in the mom-is-a-witch-and-what-am-i pic, you were a halloween present, and you actually won first prize at the st.matthew’s halloween fair (i just ran out of box ideas that year!) sorry about the bathroom thing…never considered that part!!! there is soooooo much we parents inadvertently do that causes trauma, but if we made life perfect for you, you would never leave home, right? well, happy halloween…your girls lived and breathed “wonder woman” and “bumble bee” this year, and who cares where those costumes came from!!!!!!

  4. Naomi says:

    Erin, you are the cutest little box there ever was! And your mom is super sweet! Happy Halloween!

  5. Susan says:

    I can sew buttons. I am sorry too, I laughed at the photos. Way to cute. I have no artistic ability either

  6. MamaKaren says:

    My sister always came up with totally creative costumes that were highly uncomfortable (i.e., impossible to sit down and/or awkward to go to the bathroom). As a result, most of the costumes I plan for the kids involve a base of regular clothes. Want to be a spider? Black hoodie and black sweatpants, and I’ll make some extra “legs” to hang from your sleeves. Mario and Luigi? Long sleeve tees and baseball hats in the correct colors, bib style snowpants, and I can draw a mustache on each boy. SpongeBob? Big yellow shirt, felt cutouts and fabric markers to make the features. Once the holiday is over, I can just put those costumes into the clothes drawer.

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  7. I love this! I really have no recollection of any of my Halloween costumes from when I was a kid other than a cheerleader. Your mom was definitely creative!I am also of the Target Costume Buying Moms and I am ok with it. I would love to be crafty and creative but it just isn’t in me right now.

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  8. Megan says:

    Oh Erin, I am cracking up over here. Those costumes are A-mazing! I totally made a “box” costume for Oliver this year. He was a Lego. How funny.

  9. Nancy C says:

    So freaking funny! I love that pic where you’re all “WTF, Mom!”

    I mean, really. Halloween is so weird when you unpack it a bit.

    I’m disappointed your mom never had you dress up as a pack of cigarettes. That would be stellar.

  10. Oh my gosh was this post awesome! Go, Erin’s mom! You are boxtasmicly creative. I love that you were “purple drink” for Halloween. I’m not the creative mom either, so I’m giggling but so appreciative that you had a mom that thought outside/inside the (juice) box. :-)

  11. Those pictures are priceless (especially you glancing at Madonna…oh how the jealousy burns!) but the fact that your mom commented is killing me.

    With laughter and love.

    Somehow I just know my kids are going to be writing about the things I messed up for them.

    And they’ll have the iPhone pictures to prove it.
    DANG it.

    Twitter Name:

    • Julie,

      yes, the jealousy burned until last year, when I was Madonna (FINALLY!) for Halloween. I thought about including a pic in the post, but really wanted to focus on my childhood/family stuff. I blogged about it on my own blog last year. I have a Madonna obsession. A-hem. And I’m proud of it.


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      • Brian Thomann says:

        Aww, Erin! These are adorable pictures of you!
        I’ll bet you’re a little more fond of the costumes now that you’re older.


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