Use PortableApps on Public Computers to Make Yourself at Home


Have you ever had to borrow a computer, or (gasp) browse for something personal at the office, or generally ever have to use a computer other than your own? You may have noticed that it is really fricking annoying because your sweet friend still uses Internet Explorer 6.0 and doesn’t have a decent music player, or any music that you like for that matter. And your ultra-secure passwords aren’t exactly easy to remember and you just locked yourself out of your banking. Damnit.

Never fear, PortableApps are here. Want to browse for Star Wars p0rn (ohh, Princess Leia. You vixen) without leaving a history? Use a portable version of Firefox or Chrome. Need to make some edits to photos? Try portable GIMP. Keep track of your passwords?  A portable version of Keepass works. Use a portable music player like Songbird and store your favorite tunes, and you can easily highjack any party and turn it into a Glee Singalong!!!

But what, pray tell, is a portable app? It is basically just a smaller (filesize) version of a desktop application. Portable apps are installed onto a USB thumb drive. You just plug it in, launch the PortableApps start menu and start computing. When you are done, eject and it is as if you were never there (bwa ha ha ha).

It is a great way to make sure you have must-use apps on the go, and can really help if you steal borrow a friend’s computer, have to do non-work at work, or use a public computer like those found at your local wireless cafe.

So go for it! They are easy to install, and all you need to get started is a cheap USB thumb drive. Grab one with enough space for your favorite tunes!

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