EZPZ: Never Lose Your Keys Again, Fun With Staples and Duct Tape

I lose my keys a lot. Once a day, maybe more.  I probably spend 4-5 hours a week looking for them, too. I lose my phone a little less I’m pleased to say, and I only have to look for it about twice a week. I rant, I grab my hair ceremoniously and I pay my children $1 to find the items. Total lost last week? Five bucks!

Phone (not lost), Keys (right here) and a Door Hanger (so EZPZ)

If you misplace your keys and phone too, I have the perfect EZPZ solution. Simple. The production of this little project is inspired by the book from Author Jodi Kahn’s Simply Sublime Bags. This project isn’t in her book, but the book is a no-sew or low-sew project book and so I’m always trying to figure out where I can use her tricks. Like using a stapler and duct tape. Those are tools I can embrace!

I’m crafty, but I’m no BetaDad. He builds things on his day off. Show-off.

I can rock a stapler and duct tape, though.

EZPZ Door Hanger for (Key) Losers

Step 1: Get fabric, scissors and duct tape. Cut two pieces of fabric that will be the holder (mine were cut to about 7″x10″) .

Step 2: Cut a little rectangle strap that you fold in and tape. Size doesn’t matter here, folks. Just cut what feels right to hang on a door knob.

Step 3: When the strap is taped, crossover and staple. Yes, staple.

Step 4: Staple the strap to the inside of one of the pieces of fabric for the holder. Fold he flap and staple to inside only. Then duct tape.

Step 5: Keep taping the INSIDE of the fabric by overlapping just slightly the duct tape. Tape the entire inside of the fabric pieces. Then staple the two sides and bottom close to the edge. Then take duct tape and cover the edges that are stapled. This is an important step if you don’t want to get stabbed by the staples.

Step 6: Turn the holder inside out and reinforce the top edge with duct tape. I didn’t use the entire width of the tape but it doesn’t matter. Because, hey, we’re  using duct tape, right?

This project took 20 minutes! And look! My phone and keys look awesome in it! The trick, I am beginning to understand is that I need to put them in there each and every time I enter the house!

Is 20 minutes too much time for you? You could do this, I suppose. If you want to aim lower, I guess.

Step 1: Cut hole in plastic storage bag and hang.

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