Please, Let Us Introduce You to Felicity

Aiming Low Does Good has decided to champion the Love Drop cause again this month. One look at Felicity, and we think you’ll understand why.

That beautiful little girl with the blonde hair and smiling eyes? That is Felicity.

She’s four years old, and she and her family recently found out she has brain cancer.

Felicity has a little brother and her mom is pregnant with another baby.

I can’t stop thinking about what her mom must be going through. Taking care of two kids, expecting another one, and coping with the recent loss of her own little brother, an EMT who died from heatstroke at 24 years old shortly after Felicity was diagnosed with brain cancer.

I want to hug Felicity’s mom, Amanda, and tell her that everything will be OK.

I want to help make everything OK for her, or at least make it a little more OK.

At the very least, I want her to know she’s not alone in all this, that she and her husband and kids have a world of people cheering them on to happier days.

Do you want to hug Amanda and Felicity, too?

Head on over to Love Drop to find out what you can do to help.


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