EZPZ: If My Fridge Could Talk

Magnetic Paper for the HP printer? Wrestling Dude Can't Believe it Either!

You know what? I really was wondering what else could I possibly print on using my Fancy Schmancy Printer (i.e. My Magical HP All-in-One 7500A), so I started using my crafty friend Ms. Google and she pointed me towards magnetic paper.

Yes. Magnetic paper. I ordered some online (HP doesn’t sell it, boo) and within a few days, I was ready to write up some words of wisdom for my little family on the fridge. The big joke in the family is to see how long it takes our son to recognize something different. Hair cut? Hours before my husband. New picture on a wall? Within seconds. I wondered how long it would take him to see the little messages.

I spent a few minutes coming up with messages from the refrigerator because The Fridge (Or Our Temperamental Ice Box as we like to call her) has a mind of her own. She makes noises, cuts off randomly (they blame it on the wi-fi) and has had at least 3 repair calls since we got her 2 short years ago.

It was just like printing on paper but it was MAGNETIC paper, so really, no difference. I did select the matte paper setting because the paper seemed really matte-ish and it worked great.

So, what does our fridge say?


The Fridge Speaks

The printing was easy and awesome, but the cutting? I’m not so much for the straight line, huh? And yes, the son noticed the second he walked into the kitchen.

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