Pretty Things that Do Good

This month, we’re all about supporting the team at Love Drop, a micro-giving network that pools small contributions from all over to help one family or person in need each month. One of the awesome things about Love Drop is that they make it possible for everyone who is interested to participate.

Giving creates good vibes that we should all have access to.

Love Drop lets you get involved with their mission by making small monetary donations or offering up your time and talents to help out. This month, they’re also letting you shop your way to good vibrations, with all of the proceeds going to help the Aubin family. They’ve opened up an Etsy shop featuring pieces donated by artists from all over. There’s jewelry, wall art, kid stuff and more!

Start your Christmas shopping early and contribute to a family who recently lost their husband and father.

Let’s get shopping!

About Aiming Low Does Good

Aiming Low Does Good shines a spotlight each month on causes that deserve attention and people who need help. We’ll give you some ideas of how you can help, either with your money, time or talents. We’ll also show you how to get involved in your own communities and how to spread the word.

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