7 Ways to Help Moms Survive

I can’t decide if the title phrase “help moms survive” is too simplistic or too sensational, but it is extremely literal.

We’re talking about keeping women alive.

We’re talking, specifically, about how we – you and me – can prevent the deaths of 900 pregnant women every single day.

It’s powerful stuff, right? It is sensational. And it can also be really, really simple.

Aiming Low Does Good has been focused this month on promoting maternal health and Every Mother Counts, an initiative designed to promote awareness and bring about change for the 500,000 women per year who die as a result of pregnancy complications. As we come to the end of May, we want to remind you that you can make a difference.

You can save a life.

(And yes, I’m totally singing that song from Grey’s Anatomy in my head right now. You do that too, right?)

Here’s what you can do.

7 Ways to Help Moms Survive

1. Donate your old cell phone.

2. Tell a story. You can use pictures, video, or text to share a story about motherhood.

3. Give a thumbs up on Facebook. Get informed and help spread the word by sharing the “every mother counts” facebook page.

4. Donate to CARE. Help build healthcare facilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

5. Donate to DOC2DOCK. Help ship unused medical supplies to the Sudan.

6. Donate to Save the Children. Help fund the training of midwives in Afghanistan.

7. Donate to The Birth Place. Help support a clinic in Central Florida that gives aid to pregnant women in need right here in the US.

What one thing can you do today to make a difference?

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