Necrosis of the Ear

Record Store Day happened a couple of weeks ago, reminding me that it had been ages since I had a concrete, trustworthy method of finding new music. Ever since we gave analog the heave-ho and moved to digital, I’ve been completely lost about finding new music. Sure, there are a wealth of music blogs and websites, but who has the time to parse through all that stuff?

To save myself from listening to Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” for the 800th time in a row, here are some ways I’ve been attempting to find new tunes.

The somewhat illegal, completely accessible way to find new music is by clicking over to YouTube. Pop in a song that you like, and watch a veritable shitload of recommendations show up in the sidebar.

TV Shows
You first have to be willing to drop the pretense that just because it’s on a TV show doesn’t make it good. A lot of the songs I’ve found and loved lately were featured on the TV shows I watch. You can Google the lyrics and listen on YouTube before you commit to buying a song outright.

Other Bloggers
When Maggie added “listen to 1000 new songs” to her Life List and posted the results, she inadvertantly came up with a fantastic list of songs I’d never heard of before. Lots of bloggers are using 8Tracks to make mini-mixes, or different plugins to show the world what they’re listening to right now. Click on some songs and find new stuff.

I have to admit – I’m not overwhelmingly pleased with Pandora. It’s a really cool idea, but I end up fast forwarding through more songs than I do listening – not exactly ideal if you’re trying to find new stuff. People seem to love it, though, so give it a whirl.

Look Up Your Favorite Old Bands
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “Wait, they had a new album come out HOW many years ago?” Look up some of your favorite old bands – they may have released one, two or several new records since you last listened.

What are you doing to find new music?

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  1. Megan says:

    Try It’s free, and you can make a library of your favorite stuff and they will play your faves plus other artists like the ones you already like. I’ve discovered a ton of new music that way. Also, they have a desktop app that you can download which will scrobble (?) the music you play on iTunes and add even more to your library.

    My other two avenues: TV shows – absolutely – I always have my iPhone with Shazam nearby to capture a song I like. I also use the Genius on iTunes to find new stuff as well as the free tracks. I’ve discovered a ton with the free tracks.

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  2. Chip says:

    Soundcloud. Everything new is there. It’s the MySpace of today.

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  3. Neeroc says:

    Is the 800th listing of For Whom the Bell Tolls a bad thing? *g*

    I’ll add my vote for Shazam. I use it everywhere. I do the TV thing (SNL!), also I’ll flip on the radio. Yes I hardly ever listen to it, so there are always new tunes for me to find.

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  4. *Off to find this 8track stuff!*

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  5. ErinMc says:

    I subscribe to and they are always throwing out suggestions of music I might like, and they are cheaper than iTunes. Also, CD101 in Columbus is one of the nation’s best “alternative” music stations, and they are always showcasing new bands. Check them out at

  6. susie g says:

    8tracks is AWESOME, danielle – try it! i also agree, gives ‘informed’ recommendations & i’ve found some great stuff through there. same with itunes genius…and going to shows and seeing the opening bands. and getting mixes from friends. need some recommendations? i’m happy to send a few your way.

  7. Jeannie says:

    Creaetd the greatest articles, you have.

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