HP EZPZ and Yo’ Momma!

Mother’s Day is coming up and I have to get cracking…

In this case My Momma or me if you want to know the truth and while I’m at it a couple of other Mommas that I love. Wrestling Dude says, “You have a cool printer! Print your own gifts!” If you’re anything like me you don’t need to get Yo’ Momma more As Seen on Television gadgets (yeah, I’ve been in their store) like the counter steam cleaner or the cook-everything-you’ll-ever-eat- in-one pot!

I take a lot of pictures so I wanted to give pictures for Mother’s Day this year! Cost effective and sweet! HP makes it easy…check out this article on tips for Yo’ Momma’s perfect picture gift!

My criteria for selecting the right photo:

  • Kids are in one  picture together
  • Kids are not fighting
  • Kids are not picking their noses (okay, maybe I would print this one)
  • Kids are not doing Bunny Ears behind each other
  • Hair is out of eyes

I found one! It was a foggy day in a park overlooking Charleston. Since I have all the pictures anyway I decided to print ONE OF my own Mother’s Day gifts and put it in a frame of reclaimed wood I’ve been saving. I added on two collages for some special mommas (each were kidney donors to my kids!). I used the templates/backgrounds that I got from the HP Photo Creations program that showed up on my computer when I installed my printer. I love using it because you can select to print at home, which is what I do!

Just for fun I decided to print out a Mother’s Day present for my kids. A special photo…just for them! No, I have no idea why I am gently touching my chest like that and yes, I took about 10 pictures to get the right momma look.


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Laughing at raising your two kids with special needs is frowned upon in certain circles, you know? Like Grandma and Grandpa find it especially annoying. Blogging since 2005 at Kidneys and Eyes and co-founder of a social networking site, Support for Special Needs, she stays pretty busy working in her business with her husband (yeah, they're crazy) and insurance receipts. A night owl, Diet Coke lover, and vintage photo collector she hopes to raise advocates and activists.


  1. I think I like that last one best;)

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  2. Pat Cowan says:

    I am sure Yo’ Momma will love the photos of the kids! I love your photo and note to the darlings….and IF they really follow your directions it will be a GREAT Mother’s Day gift!

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