Capture It: Challenging yourself in 2011

With the new year still fresh, I am taking the opportunity to look over my photos from 2010 and am excited to make goals for 2011.

I know, you are thinking, goal making… what kind of Aiming Low is that?  Most of my goals revolve around having more photos for my personal use than I have for clients, which is why I have embraced photo challenges this past year.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.Take my Project 365 for instance.  It morphed into my Project 102 on Flickr.

While I know that I took many more than 365 photos in the year 2010, this series is a look back into my life helping me to recall specific things that may or may not be “picture worthy.” (Although it’s all picture worthy in my opinion.)

Photos that you may not normally take really bring a smile to my face. Like the day when I had to break out the Big Boy bank to give the girls lunch money. Or tracking my addiction with Words With Friends.

The best camera to have is the one you have with you.  You don’t have to have the fanciest camera.  It doesn’t even have to be a camera at all, I can’t tell you how many photos I taken with my iPhone and the many apps you can get for it.*

You learn a lot about whatever device you are taking photos with if you use it, and use it lots! You will get more comfortable with it and you will learn it’s limitations and you will grow as a photographer.  I can’t begin to tell you how many people have told me that I take better photos with my iPhone than they do with their big cameras.  Rest assured that earlier photos didn’t start out that way, they  were a hot mess.

You can use photos of different challenges as well. In December I asked you to share your holiday images with us in our Capture It Group on Flickr. Photos that you take for that challenge can work with other challenges that you are participating in such as Project 365 or other photo challenges.

Don’t worry if you miss a day or a deadline, the important thing is to capture memories that you will cherish for a lifetime and to get better acquainted with your camera.

With that thought in mind, January’s challenge for Capture It is Beginnings.  I look forward to seeing how you interpret the challenge word.

So get out there, take some photos, join the Capture It challenge each month and possibly win some stuff along the way. *cough*All participants in January’s Capture It are going to be entered to win something awesome*cough* And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask away in the comment section.

*These are apps that I have on my phone that were either free or I bought on the recommendation of friends.

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  1. Virginia says:

    Do we just add it to the group pool along with the other photos? Should we tag as January or January’s theme…sorry never done this kinda thing before

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    • Excellent questions Virginia. You can tag it with the January theme and under your photo in the caption area you can put Capture It-January Theme (that way other’s who check out your photostream will know what it is.

      No worries! I have never hosted anything like this before. Happy Capturing!

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  2. Siobhan Wolf says:

    I am seriously intrigued. My question, however, is about Flikr in general. Sign up and you can post your images in groups? I’m taking lots of pictures and I’d like to maybe give this a shot. (hahaha, accidental photographer humor…I crack myself up, just a little. Okay, enough of that….)

    Twitter Name:

    • You can sign up for a Flickr account, it’s free (unless you upgrade to a pro account, which is not needed) You would then join the Capture It group and when you upload photos to flickr in your photo stream you would then send them to the Capture It group.

      I use flickr for photos on my blog and other things as it is a great way to share photos and they give you the html code to be able to use them other places.

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