Turns out Skinny Jeans make me feel … skinny.

I’m surprised. Very surprised.

On a whim today at Target (where I ran in to get “a few things” and left with a $150 dent in my wallet) I grabbed a pair of grey skinny jeans. You may not know this about me, but I’ve been making fun of skinny jeans for over a year. The name seems stupid to me, and concept seemed obviously designed to make me feel fat, and probably look fat. There’s no sense stuffing a sausage into a too-tight casing, and that’s what I figured skinny jeans would be like. I’m not a huge girl, but my kitchen, witness to my 2am eating binges, and my doctor, can attest that my 5’2″ body should be wearing a size 6 or 8 instead of the size 12 I sport today. Which I am mostly OK with, honestly. I could stand to lose a little weight, but I don’t quite feel as “obese” as the oh-so-accurate (not!) BMI would indicate.

I digress.

I grabbed that pair of skinny jeans, didn’t try them on, and checked out. They were super soft, and I loved the color, but I figured I’d be back at Target tomorrow to return them. Lo and behold, I got home, hopped into the bathroom, tried them on, and nearly crapped myself. I looked good. Surprisingly good. They were comfortable, way more comfortable than any other pair of jeans I own. In fact, I am known for changing into my PJs as soon as I walk into my front door, but I have been wearing these suckers all night and they almost feel like wearing super comfy leggings or sweatpants. (Sidenote: No matter my feelings on skinny jeans now, I will never forgive the world for jeggings.)

I feel sexy. I feel cute. I feel stylish. I feel skinny.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    “I could stand to lose a little weight, but I don’t quite feel as “obese” as the oh-so-accurate (not!) BMI would indicate.”

    I love you for this. I have a true hourglass figure and at 5’8″ and a size ten the BMI chart calls me “overweight.” I’m not saying I’m skinny but I don’t fell FAT either. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who really is okay with that extra 10 (okay, 15) pounds. At least most days.

  2. Tara says:

    Hmmm . . . I, too, have been avoiding skinny jeans like the plague. I’ve been worried that they will draw even more attention to my, um, generous, thighs. I really should AT LEAST try them on, don’t you think?

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    • MommyGeek says:

      Do it! I was *really* surprised. I have what I affectionately call “Thunder Thighs” and they actually look SLIMMER.

  3. KMayer says:

    For real? Tried on a pair at GAP and had to have jaws of life remove me. And didn’t even get past my thighs. Am going to target TODAY and expect to leave a svelt, fabulous sexpot. No pressure, tho…!

  4. IzzyMom says:

    I used to liken myself in skinny jeans to a denim drumstick. And then I got a pair. And another. And another. Of course, my fave ones are more jegging-like but srsly, I love them.

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  5. Schmutzie says:

    I avoided them, too, until I risked trying on a pair of Jessica Simpson black jeggings, and I was sold. Those things feel like pajamas.

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  6. jessica says:

    I am a tiny lady but even I would not wear Jeggings, which I am convinced were created by a man who absolutely detests women over the age of 17

  7. I have been thinking of getting some Jeggings, because c’mon that’s just a fun word to say. I am hesitant to get the skinny jeans because A) it’s my year without pants (but I am thinking of wearing them under dresses because hello there is a lot of snow out there with more to come) and B) My feet are huge and I am pretty sure skinny jeans may call attention to that fact…LOUDLY!

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  8. katie says:

    I avoided the skinny jeans for the same reasons. Willingly putting something that is going to hug my thighs sounded like torture. I’m not a big girl but thighs are my definite problem area. ANYWAY. Much to my surprise they are now my favorite cut ever since tripping upon a pair that did the job right from Target (I always plan my US trips around Target locations.) Viva la skinny jean. Also, don’t knock the jeggings until you’ve tried them, they are surprisingly comfortable.

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  9. Jenny Viars says:

    I’ve heard this from someone else, and it sounds like you and I are the same size. But! I have GIANT THIGHS. I mean, I can’t wear normal pants at target, so I can’t imagine that something called “skinny jeans” would be any different. So come on, you MUST tell us – exactly which brand/style did you get?

    But for real, I was wandering around the Target clothes section a couple weeks ago, and I pretty much left in disgust when I looked up to a giant sign that said “Jeggings.” DUMBEST. NAME. EVER. Someone should be shot.

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    • mommygeek says:

      I have thunder thighs. For real. They are quite substantive. Now, I do fit into a regular size 12 jean, but I bet you can find skinny jeans in the right size. I have to get mine hemmed cuz I’m short but it’s worth it.

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  10. I have soccer thighs and chicken calves and a curvy rump and normally look stupid in anything “skinny”/ But I tried them on at Old Navy and LOVED they way they looked and felt. They are so freaking hot and secksy with a pair of knee boots.

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  11. beta dad says:

    My wife’s at Target right now! I’ll call her and see if they have any skinny jeans in size: Men’s Obese.

    That NPR story about BMI is a great one. Every doctor should be required to hear it. I’ve been categorized as overweight according to the BMI forever, even when my extra weight actually came from muscle. (A long, long time ago.)

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    • MommyGeek says:

      My husband has a funny story about that involving an incredibly trim and fit Air Force Colonel who failed a portion of his PT testing – he met the waist size requirement (which is ridiculous and tough) and all the physical challenges, but because of his muscle, his weight and height caused his BMI to put him in the obese range. Ridiculous!!!

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  12. Faiqa says:

    You know what I do to make myself feel even skinnier when I wear skinny jeans? I wear a mini-dress over them. Like, the ones that only a size 0 prepubescent girl should wear. It’s not like people are going to KNOW it’s not a shirt. Try it. Seriously.:-)

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  13. Neeroc says:

    Skinny jeans make me feel old…I wore the eighties version that came without the spandex and many bent coathangers. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally put on a pair (didn’t check the cut) and…ugh. I have crazy calves. Like all those sexy boots? Do not fit even without pants.

    So my huge 40 year old thighs and jumbo calves need a bit more camo.

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  14. JD says:

    Capital A awesome. Will check them out. Have a pair of Old Navy skinny jeans to return b/c the waist was somehow too big (not a normal problem for me). But after the way I’ve been eating the last few days, they might fit perfectly. Sigh.

  15. Amanda says:

    I’ve been really curious to try out some skinny jeans but haven’t managed to find a pair that make me look skinny, rather than like I’m “stuffing sausage into a too-tight casing.” I’ll have to check out Target tomorrow, because you’ve piqued my curiosity. Especially given that you’re also 5’2″ and we’re almost the same size … definitely gives me a little more hope for sating my lust for skinny jeans.

    Also, I know I’m doing something right if you’re citing my blog as evidence of your hatred for jeggings. I’m now forcing my boyfriend to call me “Grand Marshall of the Jegging Hatred Parade.”

  16. Capital A awesome. Will check them out. Have a pair of Old Navy skinny jeans to return b/c the waist was somehow too big (not a normal problem for me). But after the way I’ve been eating the last few days, they might fit perfectly. Sigh.

  17. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog!


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