EZPZ: Print & Share Holidays Photos

Holidays.  A time for merriment, celebration, thankfulness, family … and pictures. So, so many pictures. Not only that, but a time for picture exchanging, printing, gifting – you name it. A great picture in a frame is a great gift, especially for grandparents, but who wants to go and sit for an hour at the CVS and try to figure out that damned Kodak printing machine? I’m a tech geek and even I have trouble getting the stupid things to work properly.

Anyway, the problem each holiday for me is the same: I take tons of pictures, and every person in my family wants copies. They would also love it if I printed them out AND sent them via email. They also have pictures to share with me, which I’ll get but either a) never download from my email to save to my computer or b) save to my computer but never print & frame.

Never fear, faithful readers! I have a solution. This holiday season, I am rocking the photos. Let me introduce you to the HP Envy 100 e-All-in-One. What a mouthful – and I haven’t even gotten started on how this printer will change your life.  This beautiful, sleek machine is wireless. I’ve previously extolled the virtues of a wireless environment, and this baby fits right in.  Wireless printing built right in and not only that, but I can send print jobs to this printer from my email.

Do you realize what that means? I can send print jobs to this printer from anywhere in the world. If I go to Florida to see family and take cute pictures with my cell phone? I can email them right there and when I get home, they are printed.  The best part is that over the holidays, I can easily (like, 4 clicks) set up this printer to accept email print jobs from my sister, mother, brother, etc and ask them to email their photos directly to my printer for printing with a CC: to myself – I get a copy of the photos and they get printed. Multitasking at it’s best here, people! It’s easy for them- just send an email to a special email address – and as long as I keep the printer stocked with photo paper I’m good to go!

Not only that, but I can use HP’s software to create and print my own photo books, postcards, etc. If I’d rather, this printer integrates itself with Snapfish, an online photo sharing & printing service. I can just use the Snapfish printer app and upload pictures from my memory card (did I mention that this printer has multiple memory card slots for printing directly without uploading to your computer first?!) to Snapfish, where I can later log on to create mugs, photo books, etc, store them in my closet and gift them to my family next year. Christmas Shopping 2011? Check. While I’m at it, I can use the Facebook app to upload the photos to Facebook directly from the printer. They really do mean it when they say e-All-in-One!

Let’s break it down:

Step 1: Take pictures.

Step 2: Email pictures to my printer from anywhere in the world for instant printing, or wait until I get home and use my printer to print, upload to Facebook and/or Snapfish!

Step 3: Have friends and family email photos directly to my printer with a cc: to myself so I also get the digital copies, and just wait for the pictures to print

Step 4: Easily have beautiful photos to admire and gifts for friends and family.

Does it get any easier? A printer that has apps that do cool things like integrate with Snapfish and Facebook, prints, scans, connects to my computer wirelessly, prints great-looking photos from my computer, email, Snapfish or Facebook accounts or SD card directly – and you probably thought I was kidding when I said it would change your life.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Indeed – how cool is that?!?!?!

  2. beta dad says:

    Now, if it would only frame the pics as well, I wouldn’t have to do anything. Oh yeah, and hang them on the wall for me.

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  4. Wait. I can print on this thing from another location? Going to have to read about how to do that!

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  5. I never thought of having others email photos. great idea!

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