Remembering Maddie

A year after she left us so unexpectedly, we take a special moment today to remember Madeline Alice Spohr.

We will never forget her amazing smile and her ability to make us laugh.  She is forever in our hearts.

Maddie’s parents, Heather and Mike, have set up a non-profit organization to honor their beautiful daughter.  Please consider making a donation to Friends of Maddie today, by clicking the button below.  Your contribution will help to make the transition to NICU life easier for the parents and families of babies like Maddie.

Thank you for taking the time to remember Maddie with us.  Her legacy is bigger than any of us can imagine.

Are you remembering Maddie today? Please link to your Maddie post below so that Heather and Mike can find all your kind words in one convenient spot!

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  1. mike and heather, my nearly 2 year old son jackson has not stopped hugging the tshirt i have of maddie since yesterday. he gives her hugs, says “hug maddie” and after his hug, he exclaims “WOW!!!” with an enormous smile on his face. it’s pretty awesome.

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  2. Hugs.
    I love all of you ladies.
    Mike, Heather… my love to you two today, and always.

  3. I really do wish I had had the chance to meet Maddie. She sounds like a really awesome kid. Lots of love to Mike, Heather, Annie and Maddie today.

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  4. Jodee says:

    I am one of those who never met Maddie and found out about this sweet girl after she was already gone. But through her I have met so many neat people in this online world. I never met her but I miss her and think of her every day..

  5. Mandi Bone says:

    We will be wearing purple for Maddie today.

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  6. Angi says:

    Thinking of you today and everyday.

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  7. Miss Grace says:

    Thinking of the Spohrs, today and always. You are in my hearts, your sweet daughter is loved.

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  8. I am committed to Heather, Mike, Annie, and remembering Maddie.

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  9. AmazingGreis says:

    Sending my love to Heather, Mike & Annabel today and ALWAYS. Maddie will be remembered FOREVER!!! XOXO

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  10. Today we will be spreading the word about how a little girl changed the world. And we’ll be dressed in purple while we do it!


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  11. Jess says:

    Heather, Mike, Annabel- You are in my thoughts today and everyday.

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  12. Karen says:

    Maddie was my first thought this morning. I’m thinking of Heather and Mike today with heavy heart. Proudly wearing purple and remembering a little girl I never met but am proud to know. xo

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  13. EmmieJ says:

    Thinking of you today and forever, Maddie. All my love to Heather, Mike and Annie.

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  14. avasmommy says:

    Heather, Ava is slow to talk, still, even at 22 months. But when I showed her the Tshirt she would be wearing today, she pointed at it, and said “Mad”. Her way of saying Maddie. She knows. She loves watching videos of Maddie. To her, the only thing more entertaining is herself.

    Maddie is loved, and remembered in our house. Now and always.

  15. Thank you for sharing Maddie’s story with the world.

    Thoughts and love coming to you from NC!

  16. Heather and Mike,

    I’ve lost a child and know the overwhelming pain.

    You are in my prayers and thoughts….


    Rocky Mountain Woman

  17. Sarcastica says:

    I wrote a little something in Maddie’s name, and we are wearing purple today. She has been in my thoughts all week. So have Heather and Mike. They truly are remarkable people.


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  18. Alison says:

    Love, always, to Maddie, Heather, Mike, Annie, Rigby, and the whole family.


  19. Maile says:

    Miss you Maddie

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  20. I’ve never met Heather personally. I never met Maddie. Both have touched me deeply. I’m lit purple candles for Maddie tonight and bought some purple tulips. Maddie and family are changing the world. xoxo

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  21. Melissa says:

    I think of Maddie often. :)

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  22. Chantel says:

    Thinking about you Heather and Mike. Sending you lots of love today and every day. Maddie is loved and will never be forgotten.

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  23. Angie says:

    Sending prayers and love to Heather, Mike and Annie. We will never forget Maddie.

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  24. My family will always remember Maddie. All our love to The Spohrs.

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  25. thepeachy1 says:

    I am a part of all that I have met. Lord Tennyson.. Imagine what he would say of those who touch us today without a physical meeting. Maddie, you touched so many thousands of lives, and those people will touch thousands more. Heather & Mike, your beautiful daughter continues to change so many…. Thank you .

  26. Lesley says:

    I’ve never blogged before, but I wanted to honor Maddie. Her energy is still flowing strong. Heather and Mike, I wish she were here in body for you to love and squeeze and kiss. Be kind to yourselves. Know you are loved. Know that Maddie is not forgotten. She will live in our hearts forever.

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  27. Nanette says:

    Maddie Moo, we miss you. xoxoxo

  28. Alice says:

    I miss her.

  29. I’m almost two days late but wanted you to know that I was thinking about Maddie on the 7th, and the rest of the Spohrs. I remember when I first heard about Maddie. I was fairly new to Twitter and did not know that many people in the blogosphere. In the past year, I think we’ve become a strong kick-ass family, in a odd dysfunctional way. But aren’t all families like this. I really have no words to express, other than a beautiful photo of a flowering plant in the front parking lot of my work. After a crappy day, I saw those purple flowers, and remembered once again, it was the 7th. I linked to the picture in my Flickr account since I’m at work, and LOL, I blocked my own blog. XoXoXo…

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  30. Rebecca says:

    What a great way for Heather & Mike to see everyone who is thinking about their Maddie.. <3


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